Systemic inflammation and Brain Fog


Ok, so now I want a vagus nerve stimulator.

Cefaly is that trigeminal stimulator ?. I sleep like a log after Cefaly.

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Yes, trigeminal rather than vagus. I usually fall asleep when I have the Cefaly on rescue mode. It’s a known side effect, though maybe I just can’t relax an hour without falling asleep.

Fascinating article as are the rest of this authors posts that I dipped into in passing. It’s good to read around the subject. Somewhere there I noticed a reference to how mood can affect inflammation. Certainly an author worth reading. Lots of interesting snippets. Helen

Bit confused here really. All this ‘nerve stimulation’, trigmenial/vagus whichever, is supposed to reduce migraine activity? That’s the theory behind the Cefaly device, yes. Last week a physio massaged my head and reactivated nerves. I felt it hit my right eye socket and bottom jaw instantly. It then past off only to return with a full blown Vestibular Attack that (Today’s Day Six) is still ongoing. Hence my question. Some of the confusion could just be a result of my having to a great extent lost the ability to think clearly for the best part of the intervening week thanks to my brain having gone off on one so to speak. Interestingly the pattern of the parts of the head affected corresponds exactly with the mandibular section of the skull which is under the control of the trigmenial nerve. It was such a different pattern from usual I just had to look it up. If anybody has any ideas about that which might help me I’d love to hear them. It would be great to gain something positive from this suffering. With my brain in its current torpid state I can’t make much sense of it. Helen

This is going to sound insane but I have a gut reaction this is a good thing. My thought on it is he unstuck something, which is often necessary for healing.

And my approach would be Compazine.

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In my more lucid moments since I’d rather been hoping that myself. Compazine, eh? Aka Prochlorperazine/Buccastem. Unfortunately, like most other things, it doesn’t mix with Propranolol. Never thought about it before but I just saw the connection between Propranolol and hair loss. In such situations perhaps most patients tear their hair out with frustration. Only consolation is Prochlorperazine never would stop my dizziness/vertigo at all. Just stopped my digestive system totally for days. Thx for your comments all the same. Helen

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Sorry love. Anything that slows my digestion even a little bit is a blessing to me. How I can extract 200% of the calories in the half hour between ingestion and excretion (or less) is beyond me. I had a cookie today at the grocery store. Barely made it to the restroom across the store. Generally I like to get my food out of the building. But, it was free, so maybe it was never really mine. Metformin and the Tao of Poo.


I’ve been doing those long exhalations ever since my 20s when I was big into martial arts. Besides the vagus, there is also a benefit with increased CO2 in the body (see Buteyko breathing, after just a week of practice I was able to hold my breath over 2 minutes). But increasing CO2 also acts as a vasodilator, which is why I think I had problems with it many times making my head pressure / dizziness worse. And this is one of the most frustrating parts of MAV for me, you do everything you can to relax and and breathe and lower stress and end up making it worse! My healthcare professionals though this was ridiculous! What an “anxiety case”! Having said that the risk of getting migraine/dizziness from breathing is much less these days and I am much more comfortable with it.