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Table to keep track of symptoms and triggers

Hey everyone, so I’m pretty new here and am still not sure if I have vestibular migraine. I started the whole migraine diet recently and have been trying to keep up with it. I made a table about two weeks ago that has helped me keep track of symptoms and possibly look for patterns that could make me feel worse or better. I uploaded it for anyone here who finds it useful (if no one does it’s no problem). The table is attached below.

P.S the VT section is for vestibular therapy since I am doing that at the moment so I just write which exercises and how many times. In the activities section, I write things like class, gym, swimming, nap, etc.- any general activities that could have led me to feel worse or better.

Table.pdf (32.4 KB)


Great idea. I’m sure this will be helpful for some folks, particularly those who are early in their VM journey. Thanks for sharing.

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Yeah, I did something similar. (It showed a significant reduction in symptoms when I started Amitriptyline btw)

Then I found an app, mentioned in the site wiki here to track symptom and triggers.

They even incorporated a feature I proposed (export).

It does trigger correlation for you. However, the reality is that its still very hard to pin things down.

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It is a good idea I completely missed out on. In practical terms I couldn’t have done ift. Due to photophobia and Visual Vertigo I went many months no screens and no lights, then just no screens. Still few people experience such long term visual stuff. Good idea and layout though. Thanks for sharing. Helen