Tachycardia and Reflux

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I know that this seems like a stretch but when I saw another friend mention tachycardia I decided to seize the opportunity. I was wondering whether there is any connection between tachycardia, reflux (to the point of esophageal spasms-severe chest pain) and dizziness. I have been diagnosed with atypical migraine however the fact that all 3 of these conditions started at the same time is just too much of a coincidence to ignore.

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A few years ago, I saw a mention of this. A person had been told by an ENT that their equilibrium problems were probably related to a severe reflux/upper respiratory condition. I never saw mention of it again, and don’t know if they were further or officially diagnosed.

Tachycardia and vertigo are both regulated by the autonomic nervous system. I’m not sure if reflux is or not, but that might be a connection between the three.

Hi Lena, I was also diagnosed with svt (tachy) I dont have reflux though.
ive often wondered if the tachy was a part of this illness, I’m off to the cardiologist soon to double check everything is ok with my heart. I was recently reading some web pages saying that people with patent foramen ovale ,heart related problem often get migriane, there is a procedure done to fix it and after the hole is closed many migriane sufferers stoped having migraine, STRANGE HEY !
so I’m going to get checked for this.
just food for thought thats all.
here’s a link
I’m not sure what the symptoms are for this problem ,
headaches.about.com/od/migrained … ne_pfo.htm


(I will also post this as a new thread.)

Did you ever find out about tachycardia and migraine? The link?

I just saw my cardiologist in the last week… never knew I had a problem til my heart strarted beating out of my chest two weeks ago… anyway, I have SVT (AVNRT) and I have an appointment already to set up the EP study and possible surgery to correct it. Does this sound like what you were talking about???

It would be WONDERFUL if this surgery would help my MAV. Reading this post just made my day and made me hopeful!!!



OK got tooooo excited. I don’t have the hole in my heart. Just the tachycardia.

— Begin quote from “DJDizzy”

OK got tooooo excited. I don’t have the hole in my heart. Just the tachycardia.

— End quote

Dizzy , the drugs they put people on for tachy is Calsium channel blockers or beta bockers , and they are also a very good migriane preventetive at the right dose.
good luck

Djdizzy it’s jen, you might want to hold of and not get the op, if it just fast heart rate it can be well controlled by verapamil, the drug I mentioned. also a mgriane preventetive ,
i’m upping my dose of verapamil after xmas, jen