Take Cymbalta at night or in morning?

Wanted to check with those of you who take Cymbalta. Do you take it before going to bed or in the morning? My daughter is going to start and I don’t know if it makes a difference when she takes it. It says it can make you drowsy and it may give you trouble sleeping! - so thought I would see what you have experienced and figured out to be best, while recognizing that it’s not the same for everyone, of course. (That would make life too simple!). Thanks.

Hi Anne I’m just curious I know you took your daughter to some well-known drs- can u say which one prescribed this- just curious as my current doc doesnt use cymbalta. I took it pre-mav actually and it didn’t matter when I took it- I think I took it at night because it was easier for me to remember- but it didn’t make a difference to me. What did ur dr. recommend?

We went to Johns Hopkins to see if my daughter had Superior Canal Dehiscence Syndrome. The expert there on SCDS is also well respected on migraine - Dr. John Carey. He suggested we try verapamil next, but the pediatric neurologist we were seeing at Cleveland Clinic at the time wanted to try Topamax first which we did but she’s now stopping it because of side effects. We changed to a different neurologist at the Clinic who specializes in dizziness & migraines. He had her try the 6-day steroid pack which didn’t do anything and now he is having her start the Cymbalta. We had mentioned to him that there may be an element of depression going on with my daughter now (a psychologist wanted to give her the lowest dose of an antidepressant), we have depression in the family…so he wanted to try the Cymbalta next. If this doesn’t work, then I’m going to tell him I’d like to try the verapamil next. So, that’s how we got there. I do think it’s funny how each doctor has their favorite meds. - based on the results they’ve seen with their patients, I guess.

i am on a high dose cymbalta 120mg. i divide them equally 60mg morning and 60mg night. when i first started taking cymbalta i was only taking 60mg in the morning. this dose was not helping me manage my vm and anxiety. after introducing 60mg at night i faced the side effect of insomnia which took awhile to get used too. good luck anne times