Taking a ferry ride!

Hi All, I have to take a ferry on Sunday (3 hour crossing), to visit family. I’m getting quite worried that it’ll trigger nasty MAV symptoms worse than I currently have. Anyone been on a real ferry with MAV??? I’d really really appreciate any advice from someone who has done it or even asked their specialist about it??? Xxxx

I guess it varies from one person to another. My personal experience is that it doesn’t helped and i’ve felt sick everytime i was on about and for the few hours after. And my physiotherapist specialized in vertigo did a bunch of tests on me (wish a camera filming nystagmus while moving me on a table and spinning me on a chair, making the floor and panels around me move to see my balance, putting me in a dark room where a disco-ball spinned to see if i could stay balanced, etc.) and based on what he found for me, he said my vertigo came mostly from migraines and about a quarter from an inner ear problem. He said i need to avoid boats, that it could trigger bad vertigo episodes for me. But that’s for me… doesn’t mean it’s the same for you. Guess the only way to find out is to try! Good luck :slight_smile:

Before I had MAV I chartered a fishing boat every summer. It was really rough out one time, I decided to go down below… worse idea I’ve had. It made me feel really dizzy and naseous. The Captain told me to come up and sit in the seat next to his and look at the horizon. I felt so much better in such a short time. If it isn’t choppy out you should be fine. If you feel sick look at the horizon and make sure you are on one of the upper levels of the boat… good luck…

I did a 2 hour ferry ride twice this past July. I was afraid, but honestly nothing happened to me. When we drove off the ferry I had no increase in symptoms. I also flew the month before…same thing no issues. The boat rocked and my husband actually felt sick but not me!! I have never been a seasick type person, and now with MAV I made out just fine. :smiley:

Quickly popping in to say I feel your fear- I put off any kind of boat for over a year.

13 months in though, and functioning at about 65/70, I did a boat trip in Cuba. I was shitting myself, but was fine. It was fine- it was smooth though.

In my mind, if you’re ok in a car, you’ll prob be ok on a boat.

A few months later in Croatia, I did loads of different sized boats. I was fine on the big car ferry. But the small boat, not so good- but it was a really rough crossing. I reckon anyone MAV or non MAV would have struggled not to puke.

Fingers crossed for the smoothest of weather for you hun, but if it’s a shitty day, could you explain to your family that its not good for you?


Just wanted to update here, I took the 3.5 hour ferry ride to Ireland and back and was absolutely fine, even though the sea was very rough. Was able to walk around and had no sickness nor any increase in mav symptoms afterwards. Thank u for the advice. Xxxx

I’m happy for you! :slight_smile:

that’s awesome!