Tanning bed?

Anyone here tan??? If so you have any tips that you use to help you deal with the nose and bright lights? I went today, this was the first time I ever tryed being so off and sensitive (normally only go in spring when I feel more normal) Thanksin advance!

Donna Jo

Christ I avoid the sun like the plague!!! I used to use a tanning salon 10 years ago all the time - now I value my skin/looks too much to warrant the advanced wrinkles - DONT DO IT.

Hi Donna Jo,

You might want to consider giving tanning beds a miss. There’s good evidence now that they are directly linked with melanoma formation, a form of skin cancer. Here in New South Wales, they are trying to have them banned across the State. Nothing has been done yet but it will likely happen.


Fake bakes’ where it’s at

I love fake bake too - the only way to go!! And also, having lived in Sydney and in New Zealand, I’ve seen first hand (as Scott says) how damaging the sun can be - sunbeds/tanning salons should be banned indeed.

Are you a Kiwi Muppo? You’ve certainly seen a lot of the world! S :slight_smile:

I wish I was a Kiwi HAHAHAHA.

No I’m an Londoner born and bred (born in West Ham, East London).

I moved to New York for a year in 2003, then Vancouver, Canada for a year in 2007, then Syd for a year in 2008 and then Christchurch NZ for a year in 2009/2010 and was meant to move back to NZ in Jan just gone (until MAV got me).

I’ve put my plans to move back to NZ on hold until I get this demon (or Gorilla as Scott says) under control.

I’ve travelled to about 55 countries. My only dream in life is to see everywhere in the world. All of the countries I’ve lived in, I’ve toured in full (well, the USA I only managed about 25 of the States so I have some to go back and do). 8)

I represented Great Britian for the Karate World Championships (I have two black belts and two bronze medal world titles) so travelled to the States a lot to compete.

So if anyone ever picks on a fellow MAVER - they’ll have ME to deal with!!! :lol:

And my door in London is open to whoever wishes to come visit. My casa is your casa x

Wow – love it. A black belt and such great achievements. And now I’m thinking about the irony in that. You can probably kick the crap out of 25 approaching lager lout thugs swinging crow bars but the biggest migraine gorilla of all is immune even to karate. :lol: My lord, migraine is like the superman of non-terminal diseases. We have to find its kryptonite or you have to find a move to break its legs permanently.

I was like you Muppo (and still intend to do more). All through my 20s all I did was travel, travel, travel. Jet lag was a non issue and I could happily stuff my face with all of that fabulous junk airplane food and get smashed en route to wherever with rum and cokes or the cockpit house wine. Two highlights for me were hitch-hiking around the entire coast of Australia in 1987 and an entire summer in Greece with a trip over to Turkey in 1991 (you been to Ephesus?).

South America is next on the list … one day.

Right, I’ve totally high-jacked this thread. Sorry Donna. Back to tanning …


Yes sorry Donna for the spin off but I think there is a good moral to our travel story - you can have fun in the sun and not get burnt (am I clutching at straws here)?

Donna is to stay away from the sunbed. All those in favour say AYE!!

Scott - yes to Ephesus… MAJOR… I think I’ve done 4 of the original 7 wonders of the world (Great Pyramid at Giza, Temple of Artemis at Ephesus, Colossus of Rhodes and Mausoleum of Maussollos at Halicarnassus) and then all the other 7 wonders under various different headings… Great Wall of China…Petra… managed to get inside Mission Control at NASA and talk to people in space!!! Uber!!

We should continue our travel chat in The Lounge… Oh and the best thing about New Zealand - L&P!!! Travelling all over Oz rocked - esp WA - w/o doubt the best Oz has to offer… Oh I’ve got stories of wonder just waiting to be spilled…

And on that note, I’m getting back in the ring to devise a way to kick the MOFO out of MAV… As soon as I’m well, I’m going to do that leathal style of karate; Krag Maga - now that will teach MAV a lesson! :mrgreen: Have you seen that in action? - bring it on!

Well, I am now UBER impressed and somewhat intimidated by all you overacheivers here. Black belts in karate, firefighters, police with guns.

MAV obviously only attacks the elite

PS I love travel too but having kids ties you to school holidays when it’s ludicrously expensive. Also you can’t really drag kiddies round the Pantheon or Sistine Chapel .

Favourite places: Ephesus (went twice, once in 1987 and again in 1995 - massive difference in no. of tourists and amount excavated, so lord knows what it’s like now…); Petra, Temple of Karnak, and Pompeii.

Don’t like flying though so clonaze comes in handy, esp. after the G&T kicks in.


And Muppo what are you doing being awake so late. We MAVers need our sleep!

I know we need our sleep - but geeze I need to give one trigger the finger so I’ve decided that I’m staying up past pumpkin hour at the weekend - plus Rocky V was just on TV and it got my blood pumping - I was boxing and practicing my moves in front of the mirror - think my parents are wondering if I’ve had another spell in my bedroom HAHAHAHA.

Speaking of Rocky … I’ve run those steps in Philli - and I’ve got the burning urge to do it again!

And maybe as you’re a super dooper speech therapist - you can give Sly some lessons - Adddrrrriiieeennneee!!!

I only fake bake like 1 month out of the year…LOL Not to bad and I dont even lay in the sun, or I will have a pounding headache…LOL

Thanks so much guys
Donna jo

Fellow travelers - woo hoo! Yes, let’s start a topic in The Lounge :smiley:

Muppo, a black belt? How cool! I bet you wouldn’t have been overpowered by a 25 year old policeman in overalls like I was :lol: .

Tan beds are cancer causing pure evil - stop! Go the tan in a can. I am fully fake in that dept. A little too orange at times… :lol:


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MAV obviously only attacks the elite


— End quote

Wait a minute, no one told me about this criteria for a diagnosis of MAV! It’s only affects the elite? That’s not me, I must have the wrong diagnosis! :smiley:


Hey Vic , Elite???
Some might think so? rare… yes
Eliite thinkers? obviously not.
Sunbeds? Please!
Cancer in a cocoon, like a smoking booth in the airport, kill me quick… please please. :roll:

I work in broadcast television and have to work under the studio lights and it’s hell! i also had to be tan for a few other jobs and may i recommend spray tanning! it’s the best! mystic is great, airbrus tan, you can also invest on your own spray tan machine- that is the way to go. good luck!

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Anyone here tan??? If so you have any tips that you use to help you deal with the nose and bright lights? I went today, this was the first time I ever tryed being so off and sensitive (normally only go in spring when I feel more normal) Thanksin advance!

Donna Jo

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Hi donna, I advise that you should Invest in a good lotion and a good moisturizer on your skin after showering. It can prevent your skin for more serious damage. Using a tanning bed is not the same as being out in the sun getting a natural tan. There are lights on both sides of you, so that you tan evenly. The lights are bright and hot in order to tan you. http://www.tanning-bed-central.com/wolff-tanning-beds-health.htm is equivalent to 20 minutes of high sun in the summer. If you go to a tanning salon, there is usually someone there to direct you on use of the tanning bed and advise you against prolonged time and other first time user mistakes. However, you will not always be that lucky, so if tanning is something that you are considering, these tips may help you prevent embarrassment and discomfort.

  1. WEAR GOGGLES - The lights in the tanning bed are bright and will hurt your eyes even if you keep them closed.
  2. LESS IS MORE - For your first time in the tanning bed, you should only tan for 5 to 10 minutes depending on your skin type. If you have extremely fair skin, you will have to tan in shorter, more frequent times, so that you will tan instead of burn. No one looks good with red skin.
  3. DON’T TAN NAKED- Tanning naked is helpful in preventing tan lines, but don’t do it your first time in the tanning bed. The only thing that will do is leave you with red butt cheeks.
  4. PROTECT YOUR LIPS - Wear Chap Stick or some other form of glossy protection on your lips. The tanning bed will often cause your lips to become dry or chapped if not properly protected.
  5. TANNING LOTIONS AND OILS - Sunscreen if not necessary when tanning. A bronzing oil or lotion can be a great assistant to your time in the tanning bed.

Goodluck! :slight_smile:

Dear Donna, if you are looking for a nice skin then better use some body creams and lotions. As 5 minutes in http://www.uvalux.com/ is equal to 30 minutes in extorching heat in summer. But again, if you want to have tan then better use shades so that the light does not harm your eyes. And remember, never tan naked. Further, use lip balm before getting tan so that it wont make your lips dry.