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Tapering off nortriptyline

Hi All, i was taking 50 mg and now down to 30 in more or less 3 month. I have now restless legs syndrome and i m sure it’s related. Any experience? How long will it last?

I have had restless leg syndrome, but I’m not sure why although I was under a lot of stress with MAV and not sleeping well, it went away after a couple months. Come to think of it I it may have been due to changes in Paxil I was taking at the time, can’t remember. It is an awful feeling. You may want to check your iron/ferritin levels also just to rule that out. Also had it after quitting nicotine cold turkey once, lasted a few weeks then.

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I also have been tapering off of that med. was at 40mg, took a month on 35mg now at 30mgs… I can feel some of my past vestibular issues coming back, so I may stay on 30mgs for now…but I have had no restless leg issues…good luck hope you can continue to tapper off-


thank you… good luck to you too