Taste changes - aura?

I have constant mdds-like sensations (false motion etc.) for four months now; woke up two days after a month of backpacking with these sensations. I have a couple of questions as it seems mav and mdds are similar in some ways.

I got my first dizziness sensation after I smoked weed the first time (stopped by Amsterdam); first everything started to shift/move in my vision, especially in the periphal field. I thought that was normal. Then all of a sudden I got roaring tinnitus which came in waves, and by each wave it felt as if I was on a boat in rough seas, freefalling (you know the sensation in you stomach when you’re on a wild ride)… Sounds were somewhat distorted as well.

The next day I was much better but could no longer tolerate my anti-acids (protonpumpinhibitor) for reflux as they gave me the same sensations as when i smoked put, only milder. I got really dizzy in the Vahn Gogh museum and did not realise it was because of the anti-acids till it happened again the next day…

It took a full week before I was “normal”, but I noticed that I now experienced “high altitude dizziness” (don’t know the name in english). Later on the trip I got DIZZY again from one beer, and then a few days later from a cup of coffe, only those episodes were only an hour or two. Also milk and egg tasted rotten; but that taste-change diminished over 2 weeks until it was barely noticable.

Woke up two days after comming home with these mdds sensations: I feel “false motion” that goes away when i’m in passive motion, I have a slight headache along with a dislocated feeling constantly. It definately gets worse when I have trouble sleeping (which I’ve had till now, just started taking antihistamines before bedtime). I’ve noticed that I have taste-changes that go along with the levels of rocking. It’s only milk for some reason, which tastes increasingly YUCK depending on how much I rock. When I am on a level 1 of 10 (which I am on many days thankfully) I BARELY taste the yuckiness, but when I’m on a 3 or 4 I can’t drink the milk as it tastes so bad.

Oh I also feel my heartbeat all over the place; it’s like my entire body is beating along with that, altough the place where it’s pronounced shifts. Often it’s in my entire head, but sometimes only onesided; I also often feel it (and tremble to it!) in my back when I’m lying down.

Could these sensations be migranious? My mother started having her migraines in her early twenties and I’m 21.


/ Mikael hs - Sweden

What you describe sounds like you may have two problems going on. The first one with the food tasting funny is a classic sign of stomach problems. I’ve had my share of stomach problems caused by harsh medications, and that I have experienced that. There is also a type of migraine called a stomach migraine, but that is usually in children.

I can’t speculate on the vertigo symptoms you describe other than to say that they sound typical of MAV. How they relate to your stomach issues I can’t really say other than to look into stomach migraines, and talk to your doctor.

What I didn’t mention is that I had severe stomach-ache prior to my journey (I could only eat yoghurt, bread and bananas for a long part of the trip) after a really stressful time. I got a similar pulsating sensation in my stomach that I now experience everywhere and pain.

Had no idea there was anything called stomach migraines; just took some test for my stomach as that’s been bothering me for long now. The doc had never heard of candida lol so I wonder how much that was worth.

thanks for your reply, will see an ENT in a week or so, hopefully he can redirect me if he doesn’t find anything. I don’t think my problems are ear-related but who knows…

/ Mikael

You said that you feel your heart beat in various parts of your body. Do you see your heart beat?

when i was real sick, I used to see my pulse. black - white - black - white, all day long.

It went away with preventatives.


No I don’t see it I think, only feel + hear it. When I lie on my back on the floor it’s like I’m bouncing by each beating, bonk bonk.

/ Mikael

I think Heather has had symptoms like that - not sure. Maybe whenever I hear an odd symptom, I think it must belong to Heather.