Teeccino herbal Coffee?

Has anyone heard of or used Teeccino herbal coffee? My son told me about this herbal coffee that people love.
I checked out their site and read some reviews and it seems like people love it. Any thoughts on how it might
affect someone with MAV?

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Teeccino! Variety Pack
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Hi Bethann,

That product has chicory in it which is a well known coffee substitute. I have been drinking a chicory dandelion mix which is really good. I don’t think it makes me feel any worse –– definitely nothing like coffee. They use that mix in many of the cafes here in Sydney.

Best … Scott

While there are several alternatives available, one of the best choices is Pero all natural caffeine free instant beverage. Some coffee substitutes are made from a combination of herbal ingredients that still need to be brewed or steeped like coffee. Pero is an instant product just like Postum. However, unlike Postum, Pero is made from a simple recipe of all natural malted barley, barley, and chicory. The main flavor difference between the Pero and Postum brands lies in the wheat molasses. This ingredient gave Postum a slightly sweeter taste than Pero. This can be easily addressed by adding a little sweetener of your own. Although Pero does not contain wheat products, it can not be considered gluten free since the barley in the ingredients is a source of gluten. Other similar instant products include the brands Cafix and Caf-Lib, but grain for grain, Pero is one of the best coffee substitutes available.

Found this on the net as far as substitute…

Another one

avogel.ca/en/shop/health_foo … filter.php

I tried Teecino but it made me dizzy anyway…the gluten from the grains didnt agree with me. However, they make some awesome flavors that taste exactly like coffee. After taking topamax for two weeks I was able to resume drinking a small amount of coffee in the morning so I gave up on the expensive coffee substitute ideas no matter how well intentioned I was. If I could tolerate Teecino I would still be buying it.

I thought malted anything was a no-no for folks who’re avoiding food triggers.

I have recently started drinking Teeccino and I love it! Tastes just like coffee and it doesn’t give me the side-effects that caffeine gives me. Teeccino is not malted nor does it contain any gluten. I’ve never experienced any dizziness drinking Teeccino and I usually have about 2 cups a day. My favorite flavor is the Almond Amaretto, I have yet to try all of their other flavors yet but am excited to! I definitely recommend this coffee alternative if you are sensitive to caffeine and want to try something new :smiley:

Sadly, one of the ingredients in Teeccino is barley which contains gluten and that may be a problem for some people. I have a problem with many grains and also noticed that many of the Teeccino beverages were blended with ramon nuts (never had heard of those before buying Teeccino). Anyway, the beverages taste great, come in a large variety of flavors, and are a wonderful substitute for coffee or tea, but they just didn’t agree with me. However, I’d encourage anyone with MAV to try them out to replace their coffee or tea habit.