Teeth grinding anyone?!

I have only thankfully had really bad dizzies on waking. This coupled with a reflexologist pointing out that i had problems with my mandibular joint, i just wondered if this can cause migraines? which for me then transposes into the dizzies?

Yes, I have, very much so. If fact, I think this is very much tied into some neck issues (a bulging disc, etc.). Often during the day, I will feel what seems like a tensing of the muscles around my right TM joint, and it is then that I feel much disequilbrium, off balance, etc. Sometimes this feels like a stuffiness in my ear. I have been told by an ENT that my right TM joint is not good at all but that it is a combination of this and the MAV that causes my dizzy feelings.


I grind my teeth and I very easily get tensed in my jaw muscles. I managed to reduce this a lot with different kind of relaxation exercises but unfortunately it had no effect on my other symptoms.

Cath this is so odd! I just was signing on to start this thread - i have now had 3 doctors tell me that they think the pressure and constant dull blocked pain feeling in my ear is down to me grinding my teeth - and that as this is at a heightened state when i’m really dizzy, this is also a possible trigger (before i trial new meds they want me to try a mouth guard).

I have just been to the dentist and got a mouth guard fitted. It arrives in under 2 weeks - i am hoping this will relieve the pressure in my ear, lower my dizzies and headache on waking, and who knows -possibly more!

whostachick - have pm’d you


i had constant ear pressure problems for years (pre-mav) and it was determined to be caused by me grinding my teeth. So I was told to get a nightguard and while that did nothing for my ears, it pretty much eliminated my chronic daily headaches/face pain that I lived with my whole life. If the nightguard doesn’t work for the ears, i tried xanax (actually all the benzos) and they helped with the pressure feeling immensely. that being said, now i have seen studies that link alzheimers disease to long term benzo use so that is scary. anyway i think the nightguard is a good first non-drug step.

now with the mav, i do get intense squeezing ear pressure sometimes, its random, nothing really helps with it but fortunately it goes away on its own. Also when it happens sometimes i can hear my voice echo in the bad ear when i talk- i think its just a weird mav thing that started when/after i took topamax.

wtc what meds r u taking now? is anything helping you?

Amitriptyline is supposed to help because it relaxes your muscles (or something)…