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Test that separates MAV from Menieres

Hi All,

This new work from Prof Halmagyi et al here in Sydney. They used vestibular-evoked myogenic potentials (VEMPs) to separate the two diseases with a sensitivity of 90.0% and specificity of 70.0%.

It’s not exactly bedtime reading but it’s good news.

Scott 8)

Scott, this is really interesting , I guess… I’m not sure that I understand much of it. However, the whole concept of being able to separate MV and MD based on VEMP results is intriquing. I have had 4 ot 5 VEMP tests (o VEMP that must be…) and I always have abnormal responses on my left ear (normal on my right as far as I remember) with increased amplitude (the biggest and most crazy wave patterns) and a low treshhold. But Scott, please tell me - based on the results in the article this is not nearly enough to conclude that I am a MD patient, is it? I need to have calorics, c VEMP and specifik HZ bursted into my ear in order to arrive anywhere neat such a conclusion, don’t I? Wish I had a MD-degree!!! so that I could read and understand such articles…


I too read this with interest, but also didn’t really understand a lot of it. It would be so nice to have a test that could clearly diagnosis with accuracy which of these conditions we are dealing with.

Has anyone on the board had the VEMP testing that could share their experience?

I dont think it would make sence for me to read the article. Would probably not understand any of it.

But I had a VEMP done twice. And the result was: abnormal in my left ear(big respons on both ears, more on left), the ear that I feel full/pain in/feel full nose in. The other was; less than first and symmetric.
So what does that say acording to the article?

I think I just had this test done as well. It was the only one out of five vestibular test that came back " normal" . Waiting for my Doc to call me back as have more questions regarding my other results but now confused. Does the normal suggest I don’t have MAV?


I know this is an old post, but I was reading this article once again hoping to gain some information from it. I had a cervical vemp this past September. My vemp was very abnormal with vemps at 25 db. After that time I had a diagnosis of SCDS. After going to Boston for further testing and evaluation they don’t feel that SCDS is causing my current symptoms. (I do have a large difference in my temporal bones between left to right, but not falling into the thin category yet) With MAV is the VEMP test abnormal by producing vemps in the lower dbs? I have read the article several times, but not really sure if I understand it. Thanks to anyone who can help .

Does anyone have a link to this paper ? This would make an interesting read.

Also i recently had a VEMP test and more so interested in knowing what the paper said.