Tests you can think of?

Hey Friends,

So I feel like I’m coming to the end of the road and running out of options. I’ve been getting pretty depressed since being dizzy 24/7 the last 8 months secretly hoping there was going to be something that was going to stop this dead in it’s tracks.

I now believe this constant rockiness is damage from a virus back in September 2010. I was not treated for it but seems like I had the symptoms for it. Now on top of the rockiness, I’ll get the rotational vertigo which I believe is the migraine. I have seemed to get this under control with Topamax and trigger control and have not had one for a few months thankfully, but am still rocky all the time, and it’s so horrible.

My inner-ear specialist claims my inner ear is fine (only with an ENG test) and I understand the rockiness could be the MAV too, but I do have the 2 different vertigo senstations and I’m trying to learn and figure this out.

Anyway, what other tests could I do to see what is wrong with me? I suggested a VEMP and the otarlynaolgist didn’t offer that??

This is what I have had done-

MRI (No-Dye)-Clear
Coratic Neck Scan-Clear
Hearing Test-Clear

Any other testing you can recommend that can see into my inner ear? I may need to see a different inner ear specialist! Thank you so much for your help!

I’m assuming they did bloodwork–hormone levels, thyroid and ferritin? My levels were a mess after I had my baby and all this crap started, and that certainly didn’t help my situation.

What meds have you tried and/or what are you on now and what is the dose?