Thank you James!

I just wanted to say thank you to James @turnitaround for this board, for the support, for being so actively involved and for maintaining the site. I hope you know how appreciated you are and how grateful we are!


I second that. We love you, James! :heart::orange_heart::green_heart::yellow_heart::blue_heart::purple_heart:


Thanks James


agreed. Thank you very much for all the work you do here


I’m new and also want to say thank you to James @turnitaround for the support, and for maintaining the site.
I feel so blessed to have found a place where each thread I read is just so familiar, it’s my daily life and has been for years. I may just hug my Dr. who met and diagnosed me with Vestibular Migraine on March 5th and for telling me about this website, even before he brought up the diet. :slightly_smiling_face:
I thought I was grateful for the diagnosis after so many years… I am, trust me on that, but it really pales in comparison to finding this website.


Guys, thank you.

My turn to thank people:

  • I took this great site over at the end of 2017 (after being a user/sufferer myself for some time) from Founders:

    :trumpet: @scott and @ajw :trumpet:

    Adam was running it then but needed to free up his time to dedicate his life to being a busy doctor. Sure, I’ve brought some new ideas :bulb:, new branding, content, user polls :bar_chart: , expanded the community some more, but they were the ones that kicked the community off (which is the hardest job!) and made the inspired decision to move to the Discourse engine which is why the site is so much fun to use and partly why it is so useful.

  • I must also tip my hat :tophat: to all the Regulars who contribute a lot to the site and provide regular help to all the newcomers and post new insights weekly. I won’t make a list because I’m bound to miss someone out by accident! Without these people, though, the site would be dead :skull:

  • Finally, I must pay a particular thanks to those who have helped me handle the costs :receipt: (which is even less fun when you are out of work!):

    • especially those who have generously donated :angel: :angel:
    • those who’ve used the affiliate Amazon links :shopping::shopping_cart: for which the site gets a small (tiny!) kick-back each time (but it adds up and is a real help)

Thank you James for your sincere dedication!


Absolutley! James has been awesome! Hats off to everyone on this community too for the advice and support so willingly given. xx