The Bath Tub

Anyone get nauseated/motion sickness in a big bathtub/jacuzzi?


Heather…i can honestly say taking a bath in a bathtub or jacuzzi has never brought on or increased motion. But if i take a in the large pool at the YMCA (where i work out)…the little choppy waves of water going every which way can certainly aggravate my dizzy condition. So i pretty much stay away from the pool.


Before my crash i used to take a nightly Jacuzzi, one of my favorite parts of the day, a ritual. In fact i stayed in the tub so long i’m sure I dehydrated myself. I went through so much thick, expensive body lotion it was ridiculous.

I’m not sure how I would be today, but after my crash, I couldn’t stand the movement of the water (no motor on) The smallest movements of the waves felt like I was being hit by Tsunamis and cause horrendous dizziness. I had to do it in the morning before things got to God-awful and would pay for it the rest of the day. Instead of being a meditative place, that tub became a torture chamber. But I wasn’t strong enough to stand in the shower.

I shower now. I’m not sure if i’m well enough yet to sit in that tub, and I don’t feel like testing it out, because I know I couldn’t sit for long anyway, I’m still rocking.


If I have a bath too hot, it makes me feel bad. I mostly shower, that saves the bending over to clean the bath out as well!

The seaside is a problem, if I paddle out in the water, as soon as it is on all sides moving, not nice.


bath tubs dont bother me , pools do if there is too much movement. :slight_smile:
I’m a water baby so that really makes me crazy!.

and Christine Yes, bending over really gets me swinging wildly
the beach forget it!!!
who needs sand in their bum anyway. :shock:

Thanks everyone :slight_smile:
I am so sensitive these days it’s really getting to me. Heck I can’t even take a jacuzzi? sheesh.
Every time I try to go to the grocery store, I get a whiff of some lady’s perfume and have to fight throwing up.
My sensory system has gone wild.

The weird part is, it smells like these ladies are all wearing the exact same scent!! :roll:



maybe they are not wearing anything at all and you’re having an olfactory hallucination

or stinky arm pits. :mrgreen:

— Begin quote from “Julie”

maybe they are not wearing anything at all and you’re having an olfactory hallucination

— End quote

I thought of you twice in the last couple weeks. So I started asking people, is it me or do you smell that?
Lol. One of the times I was in an OB/GYN office and the gal opened the sign-in window and I said Jesus! who’s wearing the perfume.
So everyone said what perfume? Well I got nervous at that point, and one gal said she hates perfume because they give her occipital migraine.
I’m standing there thinking oh god. So then the one girl walks out into the hallway and says “now I smell it!” I said, yeah well that’s not what I smelled!!!

Then I smelled a burning smell in a parking lot and I had it with the odors, so I stopped a stranger and said do you smell that?
She did. (Thank God!)

But all thes damn ladies in the grocery stores! Just the other day I got so fed up with the nausea I stopped and yelled, Jesus Christ already! :lol:


— Begin quote from “jennyd”

or stinky arm pits. :mrgreen:

— End quote

ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww Jen :lol:

hey Heather smelling things was often one of my aura’s.
smell and taste, I’d taste metal in my mouth, musck, smell musk, smell perfumey things, smell smoke , magots, lots of different things , I used to say jokingly to my husband, with the magot smell ( I smell dead people)
he’d look at me strangly
it’s the only thing that would come close enough to the smell.
magots! gross.
sometimes I could smell something like a cigar smoke right behind me.
no joke!

jen :shock: