The cipralex v citalopram question

Sorry to bring this up again, I found the question in the archives and put the reply on the end but its disappeared, I thought it would come up here again so I am repeating it.

I posted a while ago about the difference between cipralex and citalopram as I have a friend doing very well on cipralex.
I was given citalopram and had instant migraine.

Scott you explained a difference betweden celexa etc. but from your post it sounded as though cipralex was citalopram.

My friend was doing really well for years on cipralex and they changed her to citalopram and she was rubbish on it, they have put her back on cipralex and 4 weeks later her dizziness is almost gone, so are her muscle aches and a lot of the fatigue.

She is doing so well I am tempted to try this again asking for cipralex and not citalopram but i dont want to do this if it really is the exact same thing.

So I am asking again, anyone on or having taken cipralex or citalopram or any other name, what were your experiences on it, bad or good.



I’d like to know too because i was going to ask for Celexa. I heard in my family that a couple people took the other - the lexapro (cipralex) with good results at least for depression or whatever.

i need something for anxiety and hopefully something for MaV if i have it.

i hope some responses come on this subect. :slight_smile:


just heard of another person that takes Celexa (citalipram - sp?) not for MaV but depression and anxiety and didn’t have any side effects on 20 mg. that eases my mind some I wish i knew what i had for a diagnosis!


I’m on Citalopram now. The side effects were minimal. I did experience some everytime I increased it. But they were tolerable. At first I was seeing really good results. I started having energy and it helped a good bit with anxiety (not complete elimination). The problem was that it never changed my 24/7 off vision that I have. Plus, I topped out at 40mg because I started to feel really apathetic towards everything and realized I just needed to decrease it. Now I’m on 10mg and recently started 10mg of Nori. I’m not having a great time with the mix, but hopefully with time it’ll get better.

I’ve heard some people have had pretty good results with Citalopram, but usually not like a full change of effect. My doctor says its just a much milder drug. Probably not completely strong enough to kick everything to the curve, but perhaps a good start.

Good luck!

Wow thats great that the side effects were minimal - i hope that’s true if i get brave enough to try it. I’m soooo sensitive to stuff. if it would just calm the aniexty down that would help.

i don’t know what i have yet that’s the problem.


Hey Christine – I answered your Q in the other thread. S :slight_smile:

wow has me thinking about lexapro also almost sounds better in some ways - stronger i know but can take fewer mgs right?


just found this - looks like Lexapro is better for anxiety

•Celexa was manufactured before Lexapro and is used to treat depression. Lexapro is chemically a mirror image of Celexa and can be used to treat both depression and anxiety. Celexa may work on anxiety, but its effectiveness in treating generalized anxiety disorder has not been established by studies. eMedTV also suggests that, based on depression research, Lexapro may be a more effective anti-depressant (eMedTV).

Read more: Lexapro Vs. Celexa | … z14qN0KlZL

You could probably start on just a quarter tab of Lex. If it starts to make you feel jacked up, take a benzo while your body adjusts. That’s what most people have done here. The SSRIs can generally give you a jolt for about 2-3 weeks while you adjust. This doesn’t always happen of course and you may just sail away with it.

Thanks Scott,

When I posted on the first it didnt come up on the general discussion board so I posted again, and now its on there, theres two, sorry about that :oops:

Anyway, thanks for clearing that up. I know, its difficult to decide. I still have the prothiaden in mind too, as I tolerated this quite well years ago, just fatigue and a bit of depression when I got up to a high dose. At least you sleep with prothiaden!


No worries Christine … I had moved the other thread to the archive but brought it back here because it’s still quite relevant. I’ll leave it around for a while until it hits page 3 or 4.

Yeah, one of the things that I like the idea about with Pro is that I might actually sleep soundly through the entire night. That would be novel! I’m so sick of waking at 4 am all the time with my heart racing.