The diet that has helped me so much

Hi All,

I just wanted to share this…I know it breaks many of the Dr. S migraine diet rules but I personally have really felt the benefits in terms of reduced fatigue and a general improved feeling of well-being. I have been focusing on a reduced carb, high protein diet with lots of fish oils. I have been eating eggs and salmon for breakfast then a salad of sardines, avacado, spinach for lunch and generally fish and veggies in the evenings (no simple carbs, only complex ones such as brown rice or sweet potato…). Within days I’ve felt better…obviously Dr. S’s diet is based on extensive evidence so I’m not advocating it for everyone/anyone I just wanted to share that I changed my approach and it’s worked…I wasn’t feeling any benefots of the Dr. S diet…though this may be as I have a questionable Lyme diagnosis so perhaps this is why. xxxx

Glad you have found something that works and is actually healthy!

How long has this worked for you?

It does sound like a modified ketogenic; is this intentional?

Hi DIzzie, are you sticking with your MAV diagnosis then?! This sounds very sensible, and a delicious diet! How are you feeling?!

Hi DL,

That diet sounds excellent. I could live on that too. I like the sardine thing and may try it for my lunches myself!

Can I give you a small 101 lesson on carbs? I studied this stuff for 6 years post grad. The terms simple and complex carbohydrate (CHO) are ancient history now. It was tossed out because it doesn’t tell us anything about how the CHO is digested or what its effect is on blood glucose levels afterwards. The way they are classified now is either low, medium or high glycemic index or GI.

So basically if you really want to knock the ball out of the park, you could keep minimising your CHO intake but also make sure it’s low GI too most of the time. Brown rice is actually high GI. It spikes blood glucose. The brown bit is only a thin layer on the outside of the grain. Still fine to eat of course (a little more fiber) but the low GI stuff is called basmati. That’s the Indian rice that doesn’t stick together. Pasta is also low but should be eaten al dente (slightly chewy) and in small portions.

I can recommend a really excellent blog to subscribe to if you want some really great, science based info on this stuff. It’s all an easy read for consumers at I stated this blog with another woman in 2005. I’m no longer involved but its still going strong and no ads and no one selling you anything.

Anyway that’s it in a nutshell. It sounds like you’re doing great which is brilliant news.

Cheers, S

Thanks Scott, I didn’t know that about brown rice, will defo go for basmati and check out the site! Thank you. x

Thanks all. WTC - I have no idea about my diagnosis, I am awaiting an appt with a lyme disease specialist at the end of Feb to discuss my blood work…until then keeping an open mind and generally sticking to a healthy lifestyle and exercise, how are you??

David - no wasn’t intentionally ketogenic just low carb but still including enough carbs to avoid ketosis!! xx