The EEG... other stuff another time

OK, well, the EEG was performed, though not entirely as I expected. It was only done for a total of about 45 minutes (I thought it’d be MUCH longer), most of which while I was “asleep” (more like “lying there with my eyes closed, maybe dozing very lightly”).

I felt the EEG that was described to me was not the same as the one that was done. I thought they’d have me sleep for a couple of hours, then awake for an hour or two, including with the chance to read, watch the TV in the room, and more importantly, SIT or STAND UP since lying down doesn’t really cause a lot of dizziness for me.

But NO, their idea of “the waking portion” = “recording about 5-10 minutes of me lying there before I started to doze, then a few more minutes of me lying there after I woke up again.” This irritates me no end. The doctor doesn’t seem to think it’d have made a difference anyway, if I had sat up or stood up. But the bottom line is they didn’t do the EEG under circumstances that cause extreme dizziness in me, like head down or bending down. I could have told them things will look fairly normal if you scan me while I’m lying down! DUH! (Sorry, sore point.)

Anyway, the results: He said it’s “cold normal” – in fact, he called the EEG “gorgeous.” That was the actual word. He said, “Most people WISH they had brainwaves / brain activity like yours!”

That day was a total crash for me once, especially since I’d had to go sleepless the night before. DO NOT go without sleep!

Well, the doctor agreed to toss some extra Valiums/diazepams my way, so I could take 10 mg (not just 5) as I felt it necessary. So at least I got SOMETHING out of the visit. He also provided the generic Diamox prescription. I’ll explain some other time why he’s trying it.

Hey George,

Wow, they’re really putting you through the mill. You know what’s probably going to happen after this guy does every known test under the sun? He’ll throw his arms up in and say I don’t know because he doesn’t “get” what migraine is. It’s totally bizarre. I’m no medical doctor but it seems like this guy is chasing his tail. I hope they get on with some migraine meds again soon.

I’m doing pretty darn well so far on Paxil (2.5 mg). My gut is not being destroyed this time and I’m still hanging in there despite serious jet lag (after travelling 10,000 miles) and lack of sleep etc. This is day 8 on it and I don’t yet have the urge to run the opposite direction from it on this 2nd attempt. Would you ever consider an SSRI like Paxil or Zoloft?

Scott (now in Toronto).

Hi George,
Sorry you had such a rough go with the EEG and the time afterwords. Yes, with MAV, no sleep is a killer. Your experience is unfortunately very similar to so many of us here… this is why MAV is called a diagnosis of exclusion. When docs give you every test under the sun and have no familiarity with MAV, they throw up their arms and shrug their shoulders. Then we go to another doc, and another, more tests. I was told for over 18 months that I would get better with time and was only given clonazepam. With this diagnosis, it does take time and finally finding a doctor that is aware of MAV and it’s treatment. You are on your way to figuring out a treatment plan. I’m sorry you have to go through all this testing… it is brutal with MAV… I know from experience.
Hang in there,

I’ve had three EEG’s and they’ve all had different results. I swear reading an EEG is like a crapshoot. I think its totally subjective and there is no science to it. Which one do I actually believe??