"The First New Otologic Disorder in a Century"

Apologies if this article has been mentioned here before but I didn’t see it in the site search results. The article describes a hearing-related condition which can give rise to vertigo among other things. One lesson I learnt from this article is that there are many facts about vertigo and hearing which are only just being understood and, in turn, this means that not all doctors will be up to speed.

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Superior Canal Dehiscence Syndrome
By Meredith E. Adams, M.D., and Samuel C. Levine, M.D. (November 2011)

“Superior canal dehiscence syndrome is a recently described vestibular and hearing condition caused by an absence of bone over the arc of the superior semicircular canal. Patients with the condition present with a variety of perplexing symptoms including conductive hearing loss, hyperacusis, vertigo, autophony, and eye movement in response to sound. This article presents the case of a patient with the condition, discusses how it is distinct from other vestibular and hearing disorders, and describes how patients with this disorder can be diagnosed and treated.”


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Hope this is of info.

My Otologist had me get a CT scan of the temporal bone to check for SCDS. It was unremarkable, which is a good thing because that surgery is a pretty big deal.