The impact of a head cold or flu?

Hi all

I came down with a horrible head cold or sinus infection yesterday.

Basically everything aches from my teeth, to my mouth, head, neck, arms etc. A typical virual thing. Although doc gave me antiboiotics in case.

As I’m so congested and my ears are so blocked, I feel so off balance and dizzy.

Has congestion and sinus ever made anyone else feel worse? It’s really playing havoc with my balance?

Thank you

Hi AG,

As a migraineur one of the things that occurs is the amplification of pain. And so we feel pain much more than others. When I get colds my body aches like mad. It’s off the charts and my neck freaks out too. All “normal” stuff with this. And most definitely you will feel dizzier too for about a week.

My organisation is spending about 2M dollars over 4 years to educate GPs and the public about the over prescribing of antibiotics in Australia. We are one of the worst countries in the world for this and it’s a HUGE problem because antibiotic resistance is increasing like mad. GPs seem to hand them out like water when someone has an upper respiratory tract infection. Try not to use them unless there really is evidence of a bacterial infection going on. The whole thing should blow over normally within about a week with rest and lots of fluids. End of speech. lol

Thanks Scott. It seems like any rough waters set off a storm!

Mind you my ears are totally blocked, head stuffy with ear pain so anybody with this virus would probably feel off balance even without the migraine ‘diva’ brain as you put it :slight_smile:

Thanks again… Back to the tissues and Vicks!

Yep. I have a head cold at the moment and feel like there is a bucket over my head. Went into town yesterday, staggering around, the dizziness is worse.

Scott, here in the UK they dont give out the antibiotics unless you are half dead, now. My OH was on the floor on his front coughing like the whooping cough, I thought he was dying and they wouldnt give him any. Heres the best part, the dentists have started dishing them out like smarties. If you have any tooth pain they put you on antibiotics for a week then say come back in a week. My tooth cracked after crunching on a toffee a week ago, over to the dentist, a course of antibiotics for a week first makes no sense to me. Still, they are helping with this bug :lol:


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Scott, here in the UK they dont give out the antibiotics unless you are half dead.

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Yes know what you mean. I started with chest infection this week with a full blown cold thrown in and I am so much worse with dizziness and balance. I feel I have to be in tip top shape to cope with the daily dizziness and when you get something else it knocks the edge of my coping mechanism. Not happy