The loneliness

I have found it impossible to be the out going person I once was and as a result, the combination of the loneliness with the illness itself has become very depressing. How do you all handle it? I find that weeks can go by before I see anyone else but my husband and children. I was once a triathlete and competitive equestrian and I’ve gone from being at the top of my sports to complete and total isolation and depression. Even during the times when my symptoms are nearly gone, I am no longer who I used to be. I don’t know how to be my old self. I tried SSRI’S but they triggered my migraines during the first couple days I was on them and I stopped them. However, the MAV continued…ugh just not sure how to get off this train.

Hi :smiley:
I just replied to your post on my thread about the neck/shoulder pain. How long have you been ill for? Are you on any medication? Would you want to share your story with me? As you read from my post, I use to be outgoing etc and now somedays I only see my husband, little girl, my nan who drops in for a cupa most days bless her and the other mums at school pick up. I is lonely but I’m finding I’m preferring it over company at the moment as I can’t concentrate on conversations and I’m too tired. But when I get better I will be feeling like you are. I wonder, how will I ever travel o/s again, how will I go to melbourne (3 hr drive to next big city) again, but I’m also lucky I have a few girlfriends who just text or email me for a chat most days to check how I am. One has suffered from migraine and is a nurse so she has been a goddsend. I think just try and take it a day at a time. Have you had an counselling? Are you exercising at all? Even a short walk outside? or do you still have your horses? Animals are great listeners :smiley: be kind on yourself, we are our own worst and hardest critics. Take care, Jan

It really does take everything from you. I’ve lost most of my friends. They are still what I call friends, but I never really see them anymore because I can’t handle going out and socialising. I still make it to work each day as I won’t let it take my job (which I love), but once I get home, I can barely move. I don’t think my friends believe a word I say about my symptoms.

I am getting married next week. A whole group of us are going abroad for a week of what’s meant to be fun. I am semi dreading it because I feel so terrible all the time. I’ve been on the strictest of lifestyles to try and improve in time for it, on the migraine diet (actually on an even more extreme version), don’t go out, getting sleep, everything you should be doing, no change at all. I started a course of amitriptyline and it made it even worse, so I will need to go back to my neuro to try something else.

Some days I wake up and accept my diagnosis of MAV, other days I just can’t believe a migraine can do this to you and waste hours trying to figure out what else it can be.

Life just becomes tough, everyday is just a real challenge to stay positive

Yes can empathise, I am a social recluse too. Good job I am fairly happy in my own company quite a lot really. Whirli67 - where do you live? in the UK? x

Jem, I live in the U.S. in Washington state. I’ve gotten to where I’m fairly happy with my own company too but I’m alone so much of the time ( husband works a lot and out of town quite a bit) and my kids who are teens are gone a lot. My best friend, with whom I was inseparable, who was also my neighbor died from cancer just 4 months ago and that could be why I’m having another serious bout. During her illness, I remained strong for her as she leaned on me emotionally and I kept my wits. But I’ve been missing her so terribly and this damned illness is only contributing to my depression. I am ok with my company and my two dogs but I’m not sure it’s the healthiest thing for me. I wish she were here to talk to. She used to be able to make me laugh if I’d get a bout and honestly, it almost never came and when it did it left quickly while she was in my life. And now…I’m facing the spreading of her ashes on Saturday. I wonder if that’s why my dizziness is ramping up.

DizzyK congratulation on your upcoming wedding! I’m praying for you that you will find relief during your special time so that you can enjoy it. Hopefully the doctor will give you something to help with that. Is your fiancé supportive and understanding of your condition? Sometimes, supportiveness can go a long way towards a quicker recovery.

That’s sad whirli. I hope you manage to go on Saturday. Stressful times can apparently cause this to go worse and flare up so maybe it does have something to do with your friend’s passing. Wishing things get better soon for you x.

Dizzyk wow good luck with your wedding. You are brave going for it when you have this. I hope things go really well for you x

Oh my, Dizzy. Marrying, being in love, committing to your life together.

I hope hope hope that you two have decided to share what’s going on in your lives. Even if this means there are awkwardnesses, my sweetie and I get so much out of knowing we don’t have to put up a front. That our partners are really there for us as much as possible, because we haven’t screened anything out and kept it a mystery.

Just wishing you the happiness that comes from having a partner who’s right there. Or working to get there.