The MAV Club! Where do I sign up?

So where do I sign up to get rid of this crap?

I went to a psychiatrist today - and the verdict is: My migraines are more than likely vestibular. My new psychiatrist is a really cool guy and said I needed to see a neurologist as soon as I can so I can get migraine treatment/medication. Of course, since I have a history of anxiety even before all of this dizziness started, he felt that I may feel better from an SSRI treatment. I also feel that the anxiety I’m dealing with makes the dizziness and migraine side effects much worse than what they really would be.

I’ll be starting Zoloft in a few days with a small dosage. I was also prescribed Klonopin or “clonazepam” to take only during the evening, as it can be sedating. The dr. said that the first few days will be really rough which is normal from what he told me.

Maybe when I see my Neuro, I can get some verapamil. I’ve heard that Zoloft and Verapamil shouldn’t have interations with each other and work pretty well together.

I’ve also heard a lot of you have had great results with Klonopin. Does that medication heavily sedate you? I don’t want to have the feeling of being tired/high/dragging my feet/empty headed. (I get that feeling when I would take diazepam a few years back).

One other thing - is it just me, or do a lot of new members leave when they find a successful treatment of their dizziness?

I wish all of you the best of luck in finding a treatment. I hope that one day we can all feel better and find a good treatment, perhaps even a cure for this horrible and disabling condition…

ps. does your dizziness get worse after exercising, especially when it’s really hot out?

I just wanted to say that you might get relief from just the zoloft. Others have. The klonopin I take in low dose does not make me tired. I take 1/4 of a .5mg tablet and have no side effects. Just relief from dizziness and ease of anxiety. It’s best to give a med a fair trial before adding a second one do you know what benefit ur getting from which med. I wonder why your psychiatrist thinks it’s vestibular migraine? Have you ever been to a neurologist ?

Hi Kelley -

Yes, I have been to a neurologist. I’m going in for a follow up on Monday. I’m going to mention what my psychiatrist had told me.

I met with my new psychiatrist and he said that if I have had migraines before and that I get really dizzy(now it’s 24/7) then it’s somehow related to vestibular migraine.

I’ve taken 1/4 of a 0.5mg pill and I seem to sleep pretty well. My symptoms somehow get better when I drive. Still get those annoying pulsating headaches from time to time. I felt al ittle better today since I wasn’t super stressed like I usually am.

Will be starting the Zoloft tomorrow. I really hope this stuff works…and I’m not giving up after a week either… I KNOW I will feel better soon!!!


ps. I went to a chiropractor and he felt knots all around my neck which made my symptoms worse that day after treatment. Should I still keep going for treatment?