The odd good days

Hi everyone,

I would post my whole story, but I am so fed up with it myself…so will only make this question to see if anyone relates to this.

I am having a relapse after being well for a long time. I am having very bad days…and then out of the blue, I wake up just fine and I spend a more or less “normal” day. Does it happen to you too? It’s annoying, right? like a bad joke, you think you are getting better just to feel bad again the following day. I wonder why. It should be the opposite, we should very oddly have bad days, and mostly just good!!

This happens to me! But in my experience the good days start to happen more and more often.

So happy to see that your good days are becoming more and more!

Hopefully soon I will post a success story to encourage people, but for the time being Im only in the waiting and waiting game…I tend to get over excited when I have a decent day, but I guess it’s a natural reaction considering the amount of things I postpone or stop doing due to this condition. My social life is totally ruined, that along with my reduced capacity to work would summarize the psychological effect of this disease. Its like you put your life in pause…and to be continued…someday

Most people don’t have a social life these days, unless you include texting in that definition :wink:

Think of it this way … if you have a good day, then ultimately there can’t be much wrong with you and once the condition settles down you will have those kind of days always :slight_smile: