There are Free Gentle Yoga/Meditations Classes for People w/ TBI (such as concussions)

From reading posts, it seems many people on here are like me where they’ve had a traumatic brain injury (or a T.B.I. like a concussion) and that made their VM worse or didn’t help. Or if you know anyone who’s had a TBI then please share the below link to sign up for a free yoga/meditation series (they take into account symptoms like dizziness/headaches/sensitivity to stimuli). It’s also free for those who support a person with TBI like a spouse, friend or a specialist like a doctor who deals or helps people with TBI or wants to learn more. The website also has great info on exercises/yoga/meditation/nutrition/etc that are in line with a lot of VM recommendations!

The class series are occurring throughout Canada and the US and here’s the link to signup or see if it’s in your area:

Registration is officially open for 6-week LoveYourBrain series. The series is free of cost for individuals with a TBI and caregivers (including clinicians). We encourage students to attend all 6 classes, and the first class is mandatory.

Classes are limited to 13 students so reserve your space today! Please register on our website here: Yoga (Landing Page) — LoveYourBrain. We require each person to submit their own registration. If you are planning to attend the series with another person it is suggested to submit both applications at the same time so your registrations are together.

If you have any questions please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information: