There might be hope :-)

so for a good few hours ie 4-5 ive felt about 80% is this the start of something good?? maybe my relapse might be short lived (fingers crossed) ive gone back to about 60%now but ive tried to keep calm most of the day and it seemed to have worked or have I been calm because the dizzys arnt as bad? who knows? its shit anyway haha! hopefully I may get some better days now! I will keep you all informed!


That is excellent news! Do you think it may be an idea to write this time down somewhere so that if there is another episode you can refer back to it and remind yourself that you came through it? Just a thought.

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Yes agree. Documenting good days as well as bad and showing a trend is a good plan. I was using an app for this until I realised there was no export feature. Annoying.

I moved onto Apple’s Numbers and made a spreadsheet and market each major symptom category with a mark out of ten. It showed a distinct improvement when I started meds.

You could simply mark a day X out of 10 and do that every day. Then look back and see if there is a general trend.

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I can tell you are an IT person, I wouldn’t have a clue about any of that, just use a diary and pen!! Red for bad, blue for good days. I know I am a relic but it works for me!!!

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sounds like a good idea it might be worth a go,heres to the good days :slight_smile: (fingers crossed)

I created graphs and showed this to an ENT surgeon at a second opinion meeting. He insinuated that I was a little obsessed. ‘So would you be if you had this!!’ I thought. Grrr

I only track major vertigo attacks now. (Been clear of those for a couple of months. Touch wood)


Glad you’re feeling better, Mellybob! OMG James, you are so organized! I’m with you Margaret - strictly pen and paper!! Even all my glass patterns are strictly pencil, rubber and paper :blush: paper
I have been told more than once - directly or discretely - by doctors that I read too much! Tough!! That’s how I learn!!!


im hoping it stays this way mazzy I dread waking in the morning!

Good to hear you are feeling a little better!!!

it was short lived :sweat:

:cry: So sorry!

hopefully tomorrows a better day :slight_smile:


Exactly…day by day…moment by moment. I saw someone writing: this too shall pass…I have that as a mantra (is that correct in English?) on the worst days.


Yes that’s a very good saying, Agnes. Having terrible tinnitus today, it’s driving me crazy. But I know that’s happened before and it’s calmed down. I just have to be patient.

I wonder if that is something to do with the weather here because mine has been driving me insane since yesterday and we are only 90 miles apart.

Yes. Possible. Mine changes with the slightest of pressure changes.

That’s so interesting. Hopefully the weather changes quickly for the both of you!

Weather pressure changes are definitely a BIG trigger for me. Hope yours soon evens out.

Thank you mazzy, still whistling away at high volume!! It has started raining so maybe when the sky has finished crying our ears will return to bearable levels!

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Bit better this morning! (But not silent, just much less annoying.) Good sleep helped I think

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