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Things do get better

Hi everyone I see a few posts and see lots of people suffering. I just want to say that things wil get better I was very unwell with this 6 years ago and I recovered albeit slowly without any meds but just lifestyle approach. Only reason I have came to this forum is lately I have been going through a bad patch with painful migraines so I’m trialling amitriptyline however I’m nowhere as bad as I was initially. In those 6 years past I have had periods of time where I didn’t even think of MAV. I went on few holidays abroad and had my daughter so things and life will go on for u too. Hope my post gives some relief as I know I was very down and desperate when this first hit me too.



Thanks for coming and sharing your story! Gives us all so much hope. I’m sorry your suffering to some extent again and hope it passes quickly for you. Is it just the painful headache your suffering with or the dizziness again?

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Painful migraines which began recently and that’s made me now want to try some medication to get them under control. I only have dizziness when I’m having a bad migraine and once the Migraine passes it stops and it’s not every migraine just some migraines. I also feel a little bad around my period but this passes quickly.