Things doctors have said that have been really helpful

OK time to be positive. It doesn’t take much to give us hope. I’ll kick off:

“I believe this is something that will improve with time”

“Many of my patients eventually lose the tinnitus”. (Internally jumped for joy on this one! :slight_smile: )

“Don’t give up” (as in: there IS hope it just takes time!)

NB I will edit this to keep it on message: positive quotes only and try to keep it relevant to all, not overly personal


Dr S told me that to “do the diet, do the lifestyle and take the meds. It’s like putting a plaster on the brain and eventually the body will heal itself”. I saw him after 2 years of this and I try and hang on to his words of hope. It’s definitely not easy though!!!


Dr Surenthiran said if I keep it suppressed for long enough with medication it is possible to get rid of the monster for good. I live in hope!

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One more:

Me: “Does it eventually go?”

Dr.: “oooohhh yesssss, it burns out … can’t tell you if that will be in 6 months or in 6 years time but it will definitely go”

Me: /do a little dance :man_dancing::tada:

NB I have Secondary Hydrops but I believe this is the same as MAV for some cases (I was diagnosed with MAV initially). Besides, we have a few Hydrops sufferers on here too, you’re welcome :smiley:

I saw Dr Priesol at Mass Eye & Ear, this is what he told me when I first met him:

“I’ve treated astronauts that have had this condition and have gone back into space. 90% of people make a full recovery with time and the 10% that don’t usually have bilateral issues that are very rare”


Brent, thanks for that one!

Here is mine.

This condition won’t kill ya, go out there and do whatever you were doing before this thing happend.

I have treated over 3.000 patients and there was only 6 that i wasn’t able to treat.


From another recent Topic:

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love this topic:
my doctor said: take the meds, sleep, change diet and you will start feeling less rocky, less anxious and more in control. Then she did some basic neuro testing/ balance and said: you are perfect. Dont work to much and enjoy life. :slight_smile: I am in fact feeling a little less rocky and little less anxious (thanks effexor)

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NB I will edit this to keep it on message: positive quotes only and try to keep them pithy, relevant to as many people as possible, not overly personal

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“As long as you are still breathing, there is more that is right with you than wrong with you”