Things I have tried

Hi all,

Just wanted to share, since I was diagnosed with MAV a couple of years ago, the things I have tried and the things that have or haven’t helped.

Coming off the pill - made no difference at all
Caffeine - haven’t had caffeine for two years (except in chocolate). I feel this has helped. I now drink Redbush tea and can’t remember what proper tea tastes like! I also quite like the no caf barley coffee, but you have to have it with lots of milk.
Diet - certain things have been helpful to cut out, mainly artificial ingredients MSG and aspartame. I also try to moderate the amount of chocolate, cheese, cured meats and citrus fruits that I have. I can usually get by having these occassionally, but I have them too regularly I have an increase in symptoms.

But the number one thing which has helped me is (drum roll)… not worrying about it too much! I spent so long stressing about eating things I shouldn’t, and stuff I couldn’t control like getting on a train every day that I felt constantly ill.
Now I just try not to think about it and try not to worry about it and I feel much better. I still have symptoms when I overindulge, but I know how to control it and that I should just stop worrying.