Things I'm Grateful For ... mvertigo

Today is Thanksgiving in the US. It’s a day we get together with our loved ones (or family, if we couldn’t beg off), eat too much, drink too much and think about what we are grateful for.

I am grateful for mvertigo. This site and this community got me thru a very dark and scary time. I’ve made friends here, people I genuinely love. I’ve learned I’m part of a very special community.

Thank you my mvertigo family. And thank you James (@turnitaround).


Happy Thanksgiving, Emily! (And all our US members!)

So glad you are finding it rewarding.

Yes I was also extremely grateful for the site when I came across it. I never cease to be impressed by the quality of the crowd on here.

As you know I only took over the site at the beginning of this year so there’s also a big thank you owed to @scott and @ajw for founding the site all those years ago. It’s particular tricky to start a community from the ground up. Their move to the Discourse forum engine was a particularly great decision and one of the reasons the whole experience is so compelling. And thanks to Adam for showing the confidence in me to entrust their baby with me for the next chapter in its life.


“All life, for all of us, no matter who we are, is a learning to love. Love is our driving force and it is by love and its correlate suffering that we are moulded”, so wrote Alison Wilson, wife of Alexander Wilson, bestselling author of 27 spy novels and ex-M16 spy from the 1940’s. Helen


Love this post! I have hope and support that I didn’t have before and am so grateful for that! Happy Thanksgiving everyone! :turkey:


Happy thanksgiving Mavericks. Special shout out to James keeping us dizzy lot together. Grateful for my health inspite of MAV.


Happy Thanksgiving. Thanks to all of you for your support, wisdom and love.


A huge THANK YOU to James, who stepped up when the site needed a new admin. I’ve been a member of a couple of other discussion forums for medical issues and this site has been far superior to those in terms of the members, the amount of research they have done, and the help they have provided.

I just got home from a “Friendsgiving” meal with a group of friends. We ate four hours ago and I’m still stuffed!

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I’m actually somewhat thankful for MAV. It finally showed me that most of my health problems in my 30s probably was nothing more than migraine activity.

And yes, super thankful for this site and all the super supportive people on it. People that are very polite, open minded, educated on the subject, and tolerant of opinions. Its actually kind of rare on the internet… Goes to show how deeply we’ve suffered I think, love wins!