Things not to say to a chronic migrainer … igraineur/

Thought this was an interesting read … 1-143.html

and this one also.

yea but these articles only cover headaches. the headaches are a breeze compared to the vertigo.

I also don’t believe that anyone has proved that it isn’t the result of demon possession. If you think sprinkling holy water on my temples will cure this shit, I’ll take a shot at your trying it. (And if it doesn’t cure me, you can go away; sprinkle-sprinkle is about the extent I’m willing to test that model. If it does cure me, I’ll humbly kiss your feet. Once.)

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Just don’t let that holywater get in your eyes David, it’s full of evil pathogens
just waiting to spread their disease

Very good article, made me smile :slight_smile:

Sarah - I disagree about the headaches, I have migraine headaches and dizziness separately and the headaches can be equally as horrendous. Everyone is different of course but you can’t generalise and say they’re a breeze!

i should rephrase that- so with migraines i cant function as in i need to lay down until the pain goes away, cant concentrate on things etc. with the vertigo my balance is so bad i cant take care of myself i need help doing everything and am on the verge of a wheelchair. with a migraine headache i could still walk and force myself to do things like grocery shopping and laundry and clean snow off my car etc. i guess for me they are different types of disability and i prefer the disability i used to get from the headaches (before any sort of migraine med). i guess i also think of the headaches as temporary bc mine always were though i would get a 3 day one before my period. i could still go to work and suffer with ibuprofen and could walk etc. the vertigo is constant so i also see that as worse i guess. i dont know obviously everyone has a different experience.

also with a migraine there are things i can do to feel better like put ice on my head, lay down, use this shoulder massager thing that i have, etc. with the vertigo there is nothing i can do for relief.

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Interesting list - I just got over a 9 day straight run of migraines. On day 5, I went to the ER and checked out OK (no stroke, etc) but I have a HUGE black and blue mark on my arm from some amateurish IV insertions…

Do u know the first thing people say to me when i say i have MAV ?
Migraine? That’s a bad headache my brother\mother\lover gets that have u tried X?

Honestly drives me mad…i did get visual migraine really bad and it was awful. .however after 24-48 hours i was back on my feet in the land of the living. .
My MAV lasts 5-10 days at a time :neutral_face: what would i.prefer blinding pain or vertigo ?
Give me the pain! !!!