So I this forum about migraine because I have yalls symptoms but i don’t have migraines

ello, yes I don’t get migraines often (very rarely actually) - and that only started about 2 yrs after all the other symptoms started (disequilibrum, head pressure in a way, eye pressure, strange crackling sensations in my ears primarily the left). I think it was a viral attack that damaged and inflammed my nerves so they are over sensitive to any stimuli and do weird stuff now. Gabapentin has helped me more than anything else combined with supplements (magnesium glycinate, coq10, b2 - all at 400mg each). Everyone has to find what works for them. I can’t take many drugs as I’ve found out…too sensitive. :frowning: Gabapentin I take at 300mg per day (100mg 3x per day) and can function fine but I still have some symptoms when exposed to intensive fluorescent lights at work and have to work on a screen for long hours. Hope you feel better soon. I found a good neurologist who was willing to trail me on diff meds. Basically I don’t think my life will ever be the same but I have gotten a lot more functional. I am also trying to eat more of a paleo anti inflammatory diet and that seems to help. Avoid caffeine… that’s my only big advice. (that said I have a hard time with that on a sedating drug like gabapentin!) xx

Where do I post for everyone to see what I’m saying

You did. Hopefully people will respond. I’d recommend trying to stay calm as possible (I know that’s hard) and to see a neurologist as soon as possible - they can help!