Thinking of Adding Cymbalta - Any Advice

I’m thinking of adding Cymbalta to my cocktail. Does anyone have experience or advice to share?

What are you currently taking?
Cymbalta has been very helpful to me. I started low and went slow…I emptied capsules so I was taking approx 10mg and worked my way up to now I’m on 50mg…It can be a bit activating at first for some, and the Klonopin helped with that. Overall it has had few side effects except for constipation, which so many of these drugs do…
Good luck!!
I also take Klonopin in a very small dose most days and added promethazine (an antihistamine) and have 90-100% MAV free days for the first time in 2 years.

I’m on my third week of Cymbalta, 30 mg dose daily. I think my anxiety level has lessened somewhat but it might still be too early to tell - can take 4 to 6 weeks I’m told. The first week I had a couple of days of nausea and some restlessness in my legs but it went away. Good luck!

wow this is great news about Cymbalta because i was afraid to take it = good to know for the future.


Thanks for the responses!

I was able to get a same-day appointment with my GP - I must have sounded pathetic enough on the phone. :wink: I now have three-week’s worth of Cymbalta samples as well as a prescription to fill if I don’t have horrible side effects from the samples. I also got a refill of Meclizine to get me through the vertigo spells. For now, I’m going to continue the amitriptyline too. I feel like a walking pharmacy…


The Meclezine is over the counter in America, not sure where you are. It’s called Bonine, and available at your neighborhood drug store.
If you start the Cymbalta, I would consider starting at a low dose…
What dose of Ami are you taking?
I started on Ami and it didn’t do the trick…got up to 20mg and my dizziness got worse, then added the Cymbalta…got off Ami pretty easy and stuck with Cymbalta…

Hi Kelley,

My doctor told me about Meclizine being over-the-counter yesterday. This was news to me. However, with a prescription I get the Meclizine for free at a military pharmacy. Cymbalta is another story since the base pharmacy doesn’t carry it. However, my copay is reasonable, especially if I use the mail-order pharmacy. My doctor gave me three weeks of 30mg samples and a prescription for 60mg capsules. He said I can start with the 30mg and up it to 60mg when I’m ready. He also said if 60mg is too much, he’ll write me a new script for 30mg. I took the full 30 mg dose yesterday and this morning. I’m feeling so out of sorts from various triggers over the last few days, that I can’t tell what is migraine and what is side effect at this point. I’m still functioning though.

I’m currently taking 30mg of amitriptyline. I’m going to stick with it for at least a short while since it helps with headaches and sleep. Once I’ve stabilized on the Cymbalta, I will taper off the ami to see how I feel.

I chose Cymbalta as my next trial because it is indicated for migraine, fibromyalgia, and POTS. I have diagnoses for all of these, although I think they are all related and I may simply have one condition with multiple diagnoses. Thanks again for the input. I’ll keep you posted.

Take care,

Marci :slight_smile: