Thinking of switching from Verap to Inderal?

Hi everyone,
So I’ve been on Verapamil for about a year and I’m not impressed with it at all. I don’t think it’s doing anything for headaches or vertigo and it gives me lots of gastric problems. So based on the 2012 American Acad. of Neuro info Scott posted I’m thinking of switching to Inderal (propranolol). Just curious as to what SE’s to expect. For those of you taking this med can you give me some feedback? Thanks!

I should add that I do have borderline high BP and tachy.

My cardiologist had me try Inderal a couple of years ago when my PVCs were a bit crazy - I rapidly found that the Inderal made them much worse. Hence, no Inderal for me for MAV. The Verap, while not fixing my crazy head has fixed a few of my MAV symptoms AND my PVCs (except for when I throw in new meds). Each person responds differently, so you’re likely not going to know till you give it a whirl. Could make your tachy better or could make it worse… Likely worth a try, though.

I took 80mg Inderol with no side effects whatsoever. It did nothing for my dizziness, but would have probably worked if I had migraine headaches.

Thanks you’ll. Starting Inderal tonight. Headaches are insane right now :frowning:

Hi Elisha,

I too quit the verapamil this past SundAy cold turkey as I think it was making me more dizzy. Do you think your headache is a withdrawal symptom. I have not had any withdrawals but looking for a drug to replace it. You’ll have to let me know how inderal works. I’ve never heard of it but I’m curious if it’s also a beta blocker. I am curious to see what my doctor will add next. The fex is working great but I know I need something in addition to it because I still get dizzy and as we’ve discussed driving is still bad. It’s gotten a lot better, but not good enough to get back to work.

Anyway, let me know. I’m hoping the inderal will be your magic pill. I’m going I look it up now.


Hopefully the inderal works for you without side effects. I didn’t take it long enough, just under a week, so I can’t say much. I think it made me head feel a little funky, but that could’ve been the mav was really bad when I trialed it. My neuro switched me to nadolol, which is on the next list of drugs. I can’t even tell I take it…meaning absolutely no side effects, but that is also true of the ami I take right now too. I have seen a major decrease in headaches, and hear coworkers talk about having migraines with this crazy spring weather. Other than the dizziness stuff, no headaches for me! Hope all goes well for you!

You’ll are so sweet. I really appreciate all the encouragement and kind words. This is my third night on the Inderal and so far I’m doing okay with it. The SE’s haven’t been too, too bad. I’m really hoping it will help with the headaches, I have a good feeling about it. If it helps with the vertigo that would be amazing!

Mary-Inderal is the brand name, propranolol is the drug and it’s highly recommended for migraine. I’ve read that some on this forum have had wonderful results with it for vertigo. I know a slew of people that have had headache relief from it but sedation is the major side effect. Hopefully it will not last, it’s not supposed to. I had to get off Verap bc of the gastric problems. I don’t know if I’m experiencing any withdrawl from it, I don’t think so. How are you tolerating Effexor? What would you say your progress is on it?


Please let me know about the sedation as that is something that concerns me. Keep me posted on that. Hopefully it’s just a se that will go away after awhile. I hope it helps you wih the vertigo/dizziness!

I am doing really good on the Effexor. It’s improved all of my symptoms significantly But I’m certainly not at 100%. I still have some dizziness and have a hard time driving and being in grocery stores. But if I compare how I feel now to how I felt a month or two ago, I would say I’m maybe 60% better. Sometimes when I’m not feeling that great and feel down, I remind myself how I used to be which was pretty much bed ridden and in horrible horrible shape! I was so depressed as I think a lot of us feel when we are at our worse. I don’t feel nauseous hardly ever anymore, my head doesn’t feel foggy and heavy, I still have some ear pressure and pain but not as often and even my driving has improved even though I don’t feel like it sometimes. And the fex has definately improved my anxiety and depression. If it wasn’t for the driving, I would be back at work. That is the biggest thing holding me back. I’m thinking I need just a little more of the fex if that’s even possible or another drug to add to the mix. I’m supposed to call Dr Fife on Friday and let him know if I’ve improved since going off the verapamil, so we will see what he says. He seems to be concerned that I still have a hard time driving. Soo frustrating.

But I would love to hear how the inderal works for you. Do you take any other med? I forgot. I remember you saying that you’ve tried a bunch with no luck. Hang in there. I believe there has to be something that will work for everyone. It’s a very depressing illness. :twisted:


What dosage of Effexor are you taking? I tried Fex and lasted 2 days but I think that’s bc my Neuro started me at way too high a dose.

I’m trialing Zoloft for the vertigo. I’ve been on it for about 3.5 weeks so no results yet. And yes, I have tried lots of meds. It’s so frustrating!

I wish you the best of luck! Maybe if you up the Fex you will feel even better?!

I am at 75mg of Effexor. I’m actually taking the generic of it. I started at 37.5mg. I’ve heard of people opening the capsule and dividing it into 3 and starting really low. I think Scott said he did that. Also, I think it makes a difference if you get the extended release compared to immediate release. I take the extended release.

Sorry about the Zoloft not working. I really wish there was one pill for all to take away this madness in our brains!!! :twisted:

Did you take the inderal last night? Did it knock you out?

I did perfectly fine on the Inderal last night. Absolutely no fatigue today. I still have all my regular MAV symptoms though :frowning:

Are you typically med sensitive? 37.5 was the dose they started me on and it was just too high. If I ever go back that route I’ll have to split the capsule.

So much fun isn’t it? I just love living my life rocking in my head all the time!!! Does being in the car make you dizzy or is it when you get out of the car?

Being in the car makes me dizzy. As soon as it starts moving, I get dizzy instantly. But also when I stop at a light or stop sign, it gets even worse. That part has gotten a bit better but still not great. I notice when I look up ahead, my visual gets really distorted. So basically I drive just looking right in front of me and pray not to get stop lights which is pretty dangerous. :cry:

What kind of se’s did you get with Effexor? I had some fast heart beating at first but it went away after awhile. I just would lay down after I took it and take lots of deep breaths till it went away. I am very med sensitive. The first pill I took was horrible. I had a lot of side effects. But my MAV was soooo bad back then so who knows.

Good that the inderal hasn’t given you bad side effects yet. We’re you really sedated after you took it?

I too have a very hard time with the car. Especially at stop lights, stop signs and when I get out of the car.

I took Effexor right after I had a spinal tap, so it wasn’t the best time to trial a drug. I only lasted 2 days due to headaches. Unfortunately I’ve learned that just about everything gives me headaches! I need to up the Zoloft soon but I have to wait until I’ve been on the Inderal for a while first. The Inderal is fine so far, I haven’t had any SE’s really other than the initial sedation.

I really hope you continue to get better! I’ll be praying for you Mary!