This is a question for those people who are doing the Keto diet

I have just read that there are 16 foods allowed on the keto diet and these include cheese, butter, avacados, nuts and seeds so I am wondering how this helps as the other diets recommend not eating those things. I used to eat all 16 on a regular basis and so would be delighted to hear if anyone has had success with the keto diet. Thank you.

Margaret you should be able to edit the title and any of your posts content ;). Just hit the ‘pencil’ button.

I know, I just forgot to edit before pressing the button!!! I am having a bad day. Off to see Dr Chan at UCLH on Friday.

Oh interesting, let us know how you get on! Hope you feel better … (i know you will!)

Thank you. Have you seen Dr Chan? I don’t remember seeing his name mentioned on this site.

No, which is why its even more interesting :slight_smile: Maybe he’s got some special voodoo? :smiley:

I know I can look forward to 4 HOURS of tests apparently!!! Whooppee😅 As you live in London did you go to UCLH?

I went private to the Hearing & Balance Centre in Grafton Way. Lovely staff, recommended.

I know this is an old Sleeping post but I decided to waken it up instead of creating my own …last night was bad with symptoms and anxiety. I felt so desperate that I told myself I needed to do more than just waiting for the meds to work, funny enough somebody mentions in another post yesterday “anti-inflammatory” diet which sound very similar to keto.

I’m confused and don’t know where to start, there’s contradictions between what to eat on keto and the migraine diet. Anybody has experience with this, what to do you on a regular without compromising migraine triggers?

I eat keto. I haven’t found most of the items on the migraine diet to be triggers for me. I do avoid my own food allergens (eggs, tomatoes, eggplants, those pesky delicious dairy products). Do a search here. We’ve talked keto a lot.

Ketogenic eating is also the #1 way to self treat both PCOS and endometriosis as well. I don’t do keto to lose weight (fortunately because I cannot lose weight), I do it because my mind is clearer, my body is energized and I experience less pain. That’s how I’ve stayed off meds for three months. It ain’t perfect but it’s a huge help.

Caveat: it’s hard, you have to be diligent and it takes about two months for your metabolism to smoothly burn ketones preferentially over glucose. So worth it.

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