This is getting silly .... vertigo attacks nearly every day

For the last three weeks or so my vertigo attacks have been generally mild but daily … has anyone come out of a relapse like this and seen some clear weeks?

The good news is that I visited the mall today and felt normal, despite a pretty huge attack last night that hit me as soon as I lay down in bed (that’s the second time that’s happened recently). Tinnitus has been really quiet for lengthy periods too … its almost like the swings between being normal and having an attack are becoming more extreme and faster to arrive, but so is recovery weirdly …

I’m convinced I could be doing more to avoid them … I think the culprit maybe diet. I’ve given up on many bad things but still more to take out …

I havent had a proper vertigo attack for a good few weeks now because of the Propranalol …but im sure if I forgot to take a tablet it would put me in danger of an attack. Ive also noticed that mayonnaise maybe a food trigger and Ive had historical dizzy episodes while eating meals containing it…so tend to watch out for that. I hope you can get this sorted as we all need vertigo free days…I feel for you mate…paul.

Thanks Paul! Kind words.

Hope your remission continues!

So sorry to hear about this difficult period. As you know, I feel diet is very important, along with hydration and mindfulness of other triggers. Tannins are also implicated as something to consider for migraines. Nettle is high in tannins so nettle tea might not be a good idea on a daily basis - maybe once in a while would be okay… One thorough site about tannins is: I have compared the tannin diet at my site and there is much overlap to the migraine diet (Vertigo Tales and Tastes: S G Blog Post: COMPARE THE DIETS. If you can, maybe try Rooibus Tea (honeybush) as it is tannin free. Never buy Chai versions of tea as they are very bad for us. Remember, even if you are on medication for migraine, you still need to be on the strict diet for at least 2 months. Then you can add small amounts of possibly offending foods back to your diet. All of this is not easy - you are literally back in school. It takes the average person 3.5 years to wrap their head around the whole thing. It took me that long. For sure: no coffee, no alcohol, no MSG laden foods, no citrus,chocolate and no aged cheese. Avoid bananas, avocados and the other high tyramine foods. Avoid canned tomatoes, sauce and tomato paste for while. There is still much you can eat. I have a shopping list at my site if that helps (Vertigo Tales and Tastes: (6) Lost and Found - WHAT TO EAT (USA)). Hang in there. Please give it a try. Everyone is here to help.

Yes thanks Spinninggirl! I’m coming to conclusion diet is critical. Already on the Redbush, my kitchen resembles a herbal tea shop!

Broke the cycle finally last night and slept really well. And … No fluid in my ear in the morning, this is very significant!

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sorry to hear this james :frowning: have you tried betahistine? its suppose to even out the fluid in your ears (I don’t know too much about it)

No but it’s been recommended. It would be very interesting if you could directly influence the fluid intake of the ears. That should definitely solve the problem.

I tried many years ago it didn’t seem to do much for me but it might be worth a try for you!