This is me dont know what I have?!

Hi everyone
I used to get vertigo spells a few years ago that would last a few hours and then go away looking back I think it was migraine but I would feel fine afterwards.
Didnt have it then for a good 18 months had my 2nd son a few weeks after I had him I got a migraine with flashing lights lasted about an hour but didnt get a lot of pain afterwards just a dull ache. I had one when I was about 17 and the light reflected off a car and into my vision and that was the 1st one I had. But Ive only had three episodes of this in my life.
Well go back to september and thats where my dizzy hell began . Went out one night had a few vodkas ( about 6-7) woke up to full blown vertigo the vertigo lasted about 12 hours . Then I just felt constantly dizzy I felt like I was walking on sponge and looking at the world through a fish tank this lasted about 2 weeks and improved to where I am now.
I have a dizzy woozy feeling all the time , Im dizzy in bed unable to roll over look up , down without going dizzy.
Have had an MRi -normal , hearing test -normal, tested for bbpv - negative no nystagmas present. Went through an ENG (worst thing Ive ever been through by the way) but was only able to complete the warm water part of it though as my ear got clogged with water so was un-able to do the cold water part of the test.
Kept getting told it was labs at the start and would get better etc.
But Im at the point now where they dont know whats wrong , dont know if its MAV as it started violently and suddenly with me.
Have been presribed Ami havent taken it yet but defo starting it this weekend. So where do I go from here ? Whats your opinions? Thanks novel over now lol

Ps Im able to deal with day to day life but get bad days and good days and Im 23 .

Hi Blondie,

Where are you from? I’m guessing Australia or the UK as you class 6-7 Vodkas as “a few” :wink: . From what you’ve described it sounds like it could easily be MAV and that you are a migraineur. You’ve also had a round of tests which will have eliminated some other possibilities. BUT it can take a while to get a definitive diagnosis on this thing - if we know where you’re from people on this board may be able to suggest doctors in the know in your area.

Good luck,

Yes UK lol 07 is a few here xx


I had my very first vertigo attack after going to a party and drinking red wine. I am from the UK too and I lost count of how many I had :smiley:


Hi Blondie,

Welcome to the forum. Your story sounds like a textbook case really. Many have short episodes here and there and then the whole thing gets kicked off in a big way by a hormonal change, and pregnancy seems to be a big one for many women. Not unusual at all that your tests came back normal either. The hallmark of migraine really. It’s like some phantom, always causing trouble but can never be spotted.

Ami is a good start for migraine. If you can tolerate it stay with it for a while. You can keep increasing the dose on this stuff until sedation becomes too much. A normal day should be waking feeling like you don’t want to get out of bed (like when you were 15), feeling half asleep for the first 15-30 min after getting up but feel fine walking out the door to work.

Good luck … Scott

ps. LOL re the “few” vodkas.

Thanks guys. I didn’t learn my lesson though and hit the bottle again November and had the vertigo again but not as bad as the first time. Took a few days to get back to my normal dizzies. The night was worth it though. lol

But I’m not drinking again for a while now. Thanks for the input will let you all know how I go on the ami. xx