Timing your meds? Sedation

I have a question on behalf of hubby. He’s on Effexor 150mg and Sibelium 5mg at night. While he has reasonable symptom control on this combo (best we’ve found yet), he is actually quite “slowed” and sleepy. If he could, I suspect he’d nap every single day. (he works from home most of the time, so it’s pretty easy to nap if he wants). He’s constantly battling whether he naps or not, and in an effort to feel more awake in the mornings he tried shifting his nighttime meds (which is all of them) to dinner time instead of pre-bed.
But on the flip side, the number of times he’s had a nap then said oh I feel so much better now, I can actually think! So it’s a constant battle.

Anyway he tweaked the time of having his meds because his theory was that maybe that would mean he was more wide-awake in the mornings. He’s also contemplating a return to full (or near f/t) employment and we’re both a bit worried about whether he can actually stay awake & be functional. He’s also hoping that the more stimulating environment will actually be helpful in that regard. So we were just wondering if anyone else has similar problems with feeling sleepy & whether tweaking the timing of your meds has helped? Thus far it seemed to just rattle his system to start with, and now things are certainly no better (maybe a little worse).

Thanks in anticipation!!

I have just started a combo of nortiptalyne and nueronton. I was findingwhen i first started i felt wired now that i am going up in mgs i feel like a zombie so i started to take them around 4 pm. That way the nnext day i can function better bc it had me feeling totally out of it the next day. So far it seems to be working well . I am however, asleep by like 8 pm and i am totally drunk feeling the whole night which isnt such a bad thing really. Lol. I am still very new to the drug so i am constanly modifing and changing things up