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Timolol Eye Drops

An interesting read on Timolol Eye Drops for a preventative or rescue. Timolol Eye Drops for Migraine Prevention and Acute Treatment - The Dizzy Cook


Do you know I’ve heard about these, read a lot about them somewhere some time ago. Can’t remember in what connection. I’m not getting good vibes about them currently but can’t put my finger on why. Like many other things I guess it could be beneficial for some people so we mustn’t knock it. Another abortive for the arsenal. They say it works as well as 20-30mg oral Propranolol for migraine prevention. Very low dose that. I did wonder if the sudden lower of pressure in the eye could cause dizziness. I note it works by reducing fluid in the eye. That’s what beta blockers do. They can cause Dry Eye which in turn causes Photophobia. I’ve been there and done that one myself as have many heart patients. Still that doesn’t mean they won’t help some people. The Dizzy Cook seems to get on with them OK. Helen

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An interesting concept to be sure!

I still cannot remember the context of my previous connection to reading about this stuff. Looking yesterday I found Timolol Ear Drops has been approved by various medical bodies quite recently as treatment for acute migraine but only as an abortive not a preventative. Timolol isn’t considered useful as a preventer at all it seems. Helen