Tingling face

Does anyone here get a tingling face at all? Mine is worse in my forehead but is all over my face. Some days it is worse than others but it is there every day to some degree.

Just wondering if it is connected to the dizziness etc



I don’t suffer tingling on my face but I often get pins and needles and tingling feelings in the back of my head. It’s nearly always in the same places. Sometimes it occurs a number of times throughout the day and sometimes I can go for a week without feeling it. I asked the doctor about this and she said it is most likely caused by migraine. I think i read somewhere that pins and needles is one of the auras people with migraine can get.


Yes, I experience tingling in my face as part of aura. It was constant for a while back when I was sicker, but now it is intermittent. The tingling I experience is concentrated around my lips, nose, and cheeks. The tingling in my arms and hands started at the same time the face tingling started, but they have continued to tingle constantly for nearly three years now.

I started to get a tingling face when my MAV really hit me badly after about a year and a half of feeling bad on and off.
I had the sensation all down the right side of my face, neck and sometimes right arm. It came and went and was sometimes worse and sometimes just like a faint buzz. I also had the sensation of clenching my jaw like my mouth was clamped shut causing me problems speaking and eating.
I hope you have managed to get a specialist appointment with someone caring.

Thank you everyone, it’s good to know I’m not alone with this weird tingling. When I’m out doing things I can forget about it but as soon as I get home and relax, i notice it more and it gets really uncomfortable sometimes, I even feel it in my tongue.

Penny - I haven’t found a specialist yet, I have had the repeat MRI of my brain and neck last week and I am having the evoked potentials tests next Thursday. If the results from these are all normal and the neurologist can’t help me, I will be asking to be referred to another specialist. Fingers crossed!


I bet you can skip the evoked potentials test and see a migraine specialist instead. The second neurologist I saw wanted that test, but I declined. Doctors often practice defensive medicine, so we have to be smarter and say no sometimes. I guess this sounds blunt, but I’m too tired to make it sound nicer :slight_smile:

Tingling for me too - just like the others described.