Tinned tuna?

Sorry guys, but is tinned tuna ok on the MAV diet?

It’s OK for me. I buy it in spring water. Always look at the ingredient list though, as all tins of tuna are not equal! I didn’t eat anything out of a tin for a few years when I first went on the diet but I do fine with some tins now as long as I’ve checked the ingredients first. Allowing myself a few tinned foods really helped all round.


I always thought they were okay, as long as the contents of the can contain no forbidden ingredients. I buy canned tuna packed in water for protein, and have never had an issue. I suppose it’s possible for anything to be a trigger though, so you may just need to try for yourself and see.

I find it OK. When stuck for lunch when eating out, a jacket potato with tuna mayo is fine with me.


Not to be the bearer of bad news, but tuna is linked to high levels of mercury. Mercury can cause of neurological issues. I love it, but try to stay away except for every blue moon.


And apple juice to (relatively) high levels of arsenic. Drink carrots, eat . . .tofu?

I know David, Kelleys right, but what do we eat? I had heavy metals tested years ago and found I had high nickel so cut out all foods containing high nickel, then I did a list of foods high in histamine, then a list of foods high in oxalates and of course the list of high msg foods, which then covers stuff like maltodextrin and autolysed yeast, even the wax on fruits can contain it.

I was left with a polystirine rice cake and some budgie food for breakfast :lol:

David, don’t tell me apple juice is lethal too, that’s all I drink besides decaf tea :shock:

I gave up my beloved coffee (decaf) last year as that caused a lot of problems.

I think that’s the secret Kelley, with a lot of foods, the “once in a blue moon” rule. Avoid the real baddies and just eat the suspect ones now and again and not every day.


Fine for me as long as it’s not got the added flavourings. S