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Tinnitus increase after vaccine HELP.

I got my first Moderna vaccine on 9/18. The 24/7 dizziness got way worse 5 days after and lasted for about 3-4 days and shortly thereafter my tinnitus increased. I’m not able to sleep, concentrate. I’m becoming suicidal because there is no support or good news out there that this will return to baseline levels. Am I alone here? Feels that way. Please help

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My dizziness increased and retuned back to how it was. I didn’t have tinnitus with it but I didn’t have any to begin with. There might be some research about it on Dr. Hains site

Im thinking it’s temporary!! Please hang in there

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Megan, have you seen your doctor yet? Maybe a steroid taper?
I have no idea what goes on with the body when it’s reacting to the CoVid vaccine to cause this to happen…. So little is known.
I just wanted to tell you that I’m so sorry you’re going through this!
Please hang in there and get to your doctor to see about any treatments they may advise.
Please stay strong!

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Thank you but that article is about Covid, not the vaccine

Been to Dr. Zero help

If you scroll down it’s about COVID vaccine

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Thank you. Doesn’t sound too encouraging. It says nothing about recovery.

Ouch. Some scientists and doctors say the inner ear is “immune active” so the pressure goes up inside it to “flush” the bad stuff out. The increased pressure causes the tinnitus (and the dizziness). The fact that sometimes you can hear your pulse or can increase the tinnitus by clenching your jaw gives credence to this “pressure” explanation.

That’s why this may happen when you get attacked by a pathogen or the body thinks you are (via a vaccine)

The good news is that should be reversible: the immune system calms down, so should the pressure?

Personally I’ve had the tinnitus from week two of MAV and whilst it’s fluctuated it’s never gone away. I’ve just had to live with it. After a while you get used to it but it’s extremely upsetting to begin with.

You may be more lucky. Hang in there! Give it a few months for the effects of the vaccine to calm down.

It’s so frustrating how poor humans are at treating these conditions!


Like the new CPRG drugs the whole Covid situation, both the condition and the various vaccines, all far too new for there to be much verified and peer reviewed information yet available. All drug side effects are potentially fully reversible. The chance your tinnitus won’t go away if it’s a result of the Covid vaccine must be minute. Hang in there and meantime try to think about other things to take your mind off of it. Don’t panic. Taking a dose or two of something as simple as Aspirin or Paracetamol will wind mine up every time but it soon settles once I’ve stopped. I’m not a doctor but obviously it’s somewhat different with the Covid vaccine. I understand it takes several weeks to give protection so presumably it’s pretty active in the body meantime. Could be you have a while to wait. Just keep telling yourself drugs side effects are reversible and try to get on with your life. Try block it out with distraction.