Tinnitus much louder after meals

Most of the time I just have tinnitus in my right ear but it fluctuates all the time in volume and on occasions and normally at night it also appears on my left side. One thing I’ve noticed happening increasingly is the tinnitus becoming really quite loud and in both ears (actually sounds like its right in the middle of my head) after a meal, and the bigger the meal the louder it gets. After a few hours it then settles down again.

Does anyone else have this ? I’m really hoping the Nortriptyline will kick in soon and calm the T down !

I have the exact same. Mostly in the right ear, occasionally slightly in the left as well, mostly noticeable at night, rarely goes away completely but more there than not. I havent noticed if its after a meal as I seem to be eating all the time (I suffer with low blood sugar attacks, reactive hypoglycemia), but I have just eaten supper and its time for bed and its raging. By the way its like a continuous high hissing, is yours the same?


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wooohooo, it not just me then :D)

My tinnitus is constantly not that great (and appears to be on my left side) …

But when I eat a lot it ramps up and can become pulsative. This is even more likely if I have dessert and drink alcohol …

… so of course, it’s an incentive to:

  • not drink alcohol
  • to skip dessert.

Which is probably no bad thing but still annoying when you occasionally want to indulge!