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Someone in my office just visited a Neuropthamologist for some visual issues close to mine(flickering, problems with computer screens and such). She mentioned migraines from computer screens as well. He pointed her to these glasses. She said she has found some instant relief. I thought maybe some people might get some help from this site…

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Axon Optics Migraine Glasses (US only)
More relevant eyewear here

I brought the prime S59s a few days ago so will let you all know if it helps at all after a week or so’s trial. I try not to get too excited about “new things working” anymore but you never know - the combo of all things put together may work.

It’s also a lot to shell out for a pair of glasses, trying to explain that to people who don’t have this isn’t easy. However my ex brought me some sunnies from a charity shop a few years back and they were branded (Fendi (i think)). They had a tint to them and I wore them almost all the time… until I lost them - I always felt better with them on.


Did you buy the indoor or outdoor pair? I noticed on the website that you could pick one or the other… I would order outdoor if I had to choose since that is where most my problems stem from. The girl in the office seems to have hers for indoors as her problems come from computer screens. I took hers outside and they did nothing.

I agree with you, I’m not looking into purchasing just yet. They seem a little pricey. I wrote to the company about my exact visual issues to see if they had any knowledge about them, so I will wait and see.

Ah clever plan walker! I just read testimonials and they said indoor can be used for outdoor usage as-well. Most of my problems come from indoor lighting/florescent is the worst. However I do have issues with outdoors too (if it’s too bright or there’s glare) but for that i’ll just wear regular sunglasses over them if I have too! I figured I can afford one pair now so will get the indoor and if they’re really fantastic and I can afford too I’ll get the outdoor pair too (or ask for it as a birthday present in 7months time)

Ah, I see. I never feel like I need sunglasses inside thankfully. And even if, I’d hate to walk around the office with purple sunglasses! If I decide to get any, I would probably get the outdoor ones, but like you mentioned, I already have some pretty awesome polarized amber shades that work great, so I can’t imagine needing another pair of expensive glasses. When I read this web page, I didn’t seem to fit into most of the testimonials. Bright lights don’t really give me headaches, they just make me feel very uncomfortable and like I have mentioned in other posts, I see all types of capsules and snow in the sky and bright objects, so I was wondering if these glasses could cut down on those things. But overall, 170 bucks isn’t much money for something that could possibly lend some relief. I wonder what their return policy is?

Let me know what you think!


I use these glasses from axon optics. Got them delivered to Sydney last yr. Now I’ve moved to singapore. For me as soon as I entered an office full of fluorescent lighting or as soon as I started using a computer my head motion intolerance wud get worst. So I bought these glasses to try. I think they work bcz then I wud use the computers more confidently. For me the outdoor sunlight was never an issue like u but to protect my eyes I still wear them both indoors and outdoors even today. But I don’t need them as much now after the meds have kicked in. i understand red and brown tints block blue lights which cud be your outdoor problem cz of the sky and these glasses treated with some special red tints. Another website u can consider is Migralens.

This image links to a product members have found helpful and at the same time help fund the site: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Thanks for your support!

Regarding the snow and floaters u see, buy a cheap pair of red tinted glasses the 2$ ones from the markets and look at the sky with them. If u still see them, then u will likely see them with these glasses too. I have ALL THE VS symptoms with these glasses on and if that is all u want to buy them for then u r better buying a cheaper red or brown tint but for me the the glasses have helped me for indoor florescent lighting and computer screens which I am not quite sure if any ordinary glasses will be just as good

Well, the amber (brown) glasses I use outdoors right now are already pretty awesome for sunlight. And inside light doesn’t bother me much. I also don’t want to look like a weirdo with purple glasses at work (no offense :smiley: )

What type of problems were you having with computer screens and indoor lighting? For me, I just turn down the brightness on my computer screen and as long as I avoid brightly lit white walls, I’m OK for the most part inside. When I do get in bright light situations inside, I will see some floaters and snow, and it is so bright that it hurts my eyes and causes me to feel very uncomfortable, but it never leads to any type of headaches or out of the ordinary migraine auras… On the website it seems like it helps people keep from getting migraine headaches from certain lighting conditions. As you know, with me, my condition is 24/7…

Well before my vestibular symptoms became chronic (24/7), they were episodic triggered by computer screens and bright lighted indoor conditions. Once the vestibular symptoms became 24/7, the brain fog wud increase when infront of computer screens or bright lighted indoor conditions. Yes initially I felt extremely uncomfortable in wearing those dark glasses indoors but now I confident enough to tell people I have migraine hence I need to wear these special glasses to protect my eyes and everyone understands. The website does only talk about headaches being reduced by these glasses etc but not the rest of the associated symptoms such as VS and family and quite truly they don’t. If the reduction in glare on your comp screen is working for u and indoor lights don’t bother u, then I don’t see how a norwal pair of Polaroid sunnies would not compare to these axon rose tinted ones unless the sun light really bothers u and brings on symptoms even with your sunnies on in which case possibly an outdoor pair of these axon tinted glasses may be worth a shot

I’ve found these glasses really help on particularly bad days with indoor lighting, the first time I put them on I could tell a difference immediately! Kind of counter-productive for outside though, don’t know why that is :confused:

still not sure if it makes any difference with pc screens etc but someone else explained that the pulsating light behind the screens causes the problem rather than just the screen glare…

I think all you talk about is to get eye relief. But the point is not only to get eye relief. If this is your problem, you can just use eye drop and ordinary sunglasses to solve when indoors and outdoors. The real point is BLUE LIGHT which makes your eyes uncomfortable and unhealthy. I search “blue light blocking glasses” in Axon Optics, no appropriate results. So other friends, if you want to protect your eyes properly, figure out the blue light first.

Dangers of Blue Light with Human Health: http://www.taimeopt.com/dangers-of-blue-light-with-human-health/

Blue Light Has a Dark Side: http://www.health.harvard.edu/newsletters/harvard_health_letter/2012/may/blue-light-has-a-dark-side/

Hi Nabeel,
I am curious to know which pair of glasses you have from Axon Optics?
I have the vest migraine symptoms a lot from the lights and computers 24/7 as well and it was not hardly possible for me to look at a computer until…
I read the reviews on their specs and purchased a pair from Axon Optics.
I have to say these make a huge difference.
I also added the Premium Coating which also makes a huge difference.

Hi Mate

It’s been over three years since I got them. I still use them and can’t recall at all on what I bought

It’s a simple black frame with a red tint

Cool! Yeah I think it was here that I read your review and you mentioned about a special type of glasses. So I looked up the name Axon, read the reviews and got a pair! Seem to make a huge difference!
Thanks mate!

Did you use tinted glasses to reduce migraine…
What is your opinion about that?

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No, never used them. Some people find them useful. I’ve never tried them tbh, Amitriptyline was enough to deal with the nystagmus and suppress the worst migraines.