Tips for a bad day?


Does anyone have any advice or tips for when a bad day occurs during recovery?

I have been doing well and responding to medication, diet and lifestyle changes but every now and then I get a bad day or 2 (Dr says its when my jug is overflowing from triggers).

I can deal with bad days that involve a bit of head pressure and visual vertigo but its the days like today when I wake up feeling off balance, drunk and get loads of false movement and the feeling doesn’t subside. Feeling like I have drank a bottle of wine whilst trying to work on a PC isn’t fun.

So any tips, advice or encouragement would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you x

I have days like that also. I have been off Nortriptyline for 9 months (keep your fingers crossed). The day after I overdo I am a mess. I go back on a strict diet (no little cheats), close the shutter next to my computer to reduce extra light and really reduce head movements. I take 10 minute rests throughout the day in a quiet, darker area. I really break-up my time on the computer. I have to stay away from fluorescent lights. Yesterday I had to put sunglasses on while in the dentist chair. It’s odd, but Nasonex helps my ear fullness and balance issues and vertigo. I guess it relieves pressure in some way. An Allegra also helps. I try not to take these very often, maybe once a week or less. I make sure I get a good nights sleep and very important - drink 8 glasses of water during the day. This all helps when I have had too much stimulation, especially taking breaks from the computer and light. I have just completed a “Comparison Chart” of diets for migraine and Meniere’s. I prefer " The MIgraine Diet" out of Johns Hopkins but it is interesting to look at other foods listed on the Histamine and Tannin and Zone Diets. Maybe some other food is bothering you.
Hope you feel better soon. “THE DIET COMPARISON” and “STRESS- IT’S COMPLICATED”

Wow, thank you for such a detailed reply, that really helps!

I had an early night last night with no iphone, PC etc and I feel better today for it!
Funny you should say about Nasonex as I always carry with me a Vicks nasal inhaler and a forehead stick as for some reason unknown it helps with the pressure. May be a placebo but who cares!

I guess bad days will happen every so often so its good to know what to do when it does and that its ok to take a step back for a bit to let it settle down.

Thanks again!

After my doctor told me he thought I was faking until he finally read the specialists letters.why would a person fake bouts of vertigo with ringing ears and al the other fun only took him two years to read the info. I told him I would like to change bodies with him for a day so he could experience how it feels…he finally gets it .