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Tips for travelling with MAV?

I’ve decided to travel for 1-2 months solo by myself with MAV.

I’m going to Bulgaria, Turkey, Russia, Finland, Norway, and Belarus. I’ll be working while travelling, and staying in decent hotels with gyms so I can exercise.

Any tips for travelling with MAV? I’ll bring plenty of Clonazepam just in case, and do VRT exercises 3 times a day.

I’m feeling quite nervous. Since my last relapse in June I’ve managed to find a consistent routine which enables me to cope day-to-day with having vertigo all the time. Now I’m going to be casting routine aside and heading out alone into a bunch of unfamiliar countries I’ve never visited. However, part of me feels like I need to do this for my mental health. I’ve been experiencing a lot of depression lately about the fact that so much of my life revolves around MAV, and I want to prove to myself that I can still be brave and adventurous.


Wow… good for you! I cant say I would be too comfortable flying with MAV but if you want it that much you should go for it. You obviously need to do that and you shouldn’t be disheartened because of this condition. If your in a good place health wise and have your MAV under control I would say you go for it and have a wonderful time.

I think it’s awesome! What a great plan! Completely get what you say about needing it for your mental health and challenging yourself by being brave.
I travelled a few times since onset of MAV half a year ago. Train, car and ferry. (Ferry was epic, the sea was rough and I literally couldn’t walk on the boat and was SO seasick. But I did it and survived).
I’d say, accept that you’ll need more rest than the average traveller. You might not get to see and do as much as you would have without MAV. Yet you’ll get to see things and discover amazing new experiences. Make sure you pace yourself and rest in between adventures. Take podcasts to listen to when lying down in the dark if that’s what you need to rest. Travelling, try and cut down in shorter stretches.
Everything is doable as long as you cut it down and don’t overstretch yourself.

That is very impressive and admirable! A great idea and I hope it goes brilliantly.

If head position is a factor for your symptoms, maybe take that into account. If you’re more comfortable lying down, maybe night trains rather than day. I find sitting in a forward-facing rather than backward-facing seat on the subway makes the motion less dizziness-inducing. Or maybe pillows or whatever makes your head comfortable—it’s so easy for tension to build in the neck/face when you’re bracing against motion in a vehicle and I find that makes this worse. Consciously relaxing my jaw/forehead in unfamiliar settings (over and over) can help, I find.