Tips on coping with vertigo working 45 hrs a week

Hi all

First and foremost it is awesome that this forum exists. Its nice to know im not going through this alone. So i work 45 hours a week. Ive been 100% for a few years now. I was diagnosed in 2007. I took nort 25mg 1 capsule a night for a few years then stopped taking it in mid 2010. I am now having a huge mav flare up. I work at a store and i cant even walk down an aisle without it triggering vertigo. I feel like i need a walker lol mind u i am 23 years old. Perfectly healthy too. So i went back to the doc and asked for nort again since it worked so well the first time. It was awesome…no side effects and it took my vertigo and headaches away. Well this time around i feel it has made things worse. I got more vertigo after i started it again. My doc only gave me 10mg this time and i even tried to take it every other night and no luck so i stopped the meds. Maybe i should just go back on it anyways cause i cant imagine this getting worse than it is already. So im waiting for a call back to see if the doc can give me something else. Which leads me to the main topic of this post…what are some coping techniques u guys use to make the dizzinsss/vertigo easy to deal with? Especially when having to work 9- 10 hour shifts on your feet. I take bonine but it doesnt seem to be the greatest solution to my problem. Are there any exercises i could do to improve my balance? What are some medications that u have taken that have been effective? It seems that my body doesnt like nort anymore. Anywho, thanks in advance! Greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Beatlegirl why are you taking 10mg of nort every other night? That is an extremely odd dosage of the medication and IMO could almost cause more problems than it would solve. Did your doctor really prescribe it to you in that way?

Medications like Nortriptyline need to be taken consistently to work. If you are taking them every other day like that you are really screwing around with the amount that is in your system and who knows how you will react to that.

Hey! I’m 22 myself, so I can sympathize with your young life coming to a halt.

I’d stick with the nortriptyline, but use it every night as Jamie suggested. I actually just started nori myself three days ago and I have to admit I’m feeling pretty groggy and possibly even dizzier. But everyone says a few days on it is not an accurate judge. Migraines do change over time, so perhaps your body just needs more time to adjust back to the nori. I’m no expert, so definitely run all this by your doc. But if I were you I’d try to muscle thru the nori for a month or so before you deem it not good for you anymore. Let me know how you make out

Thanks for your replies! I think you guys are rght. I think i will try and tough this out. Ill start it tonight :slight_smile: