Tips on staying Positive

Hello All,

I always find that my mind focuses so much on my vertigo and the anxiety that goes with it, simply because I am always symptomatic. Is there any tips that you can give on how not to focus on the negative but instead to focus on something else and give my mind a break?

Hi Richy,

The only tip I can give is to try to be as normal as possible in terms of what you do socially. Obviously sometimes (in my case anyway) the dizziness stops us in our tracks. However, where possible I go out, I see friends, I say yes to parties and events etc. For the first 3/4 months of MAV I was laregly housebound and it was boring and counter-productive. I became so introspective I spent all my time thinking about being ill, spending time on this forum (which is a lifesaver and an amazing support, but for me I spent too long on it), focusing on being dizzy etc. I am sure some may disagree but I feel the mind and state of mind has a huge impact on this condition and anxiety and denying yourself stuff feeds the condition. I hope this of some use. It can be useful to note down any good days in a diary and if you look back, sometimes you see how you’ve progressed. x

try to involve yourself in hobbies and doing things you really enjoy- like reading a good book or seeing movies- hopefully this will distract your focus at least for the time being. Try to involve yourself in work projects or even try to volunteer somewhere doing something you enjoy.

Two things for me about positivity with this.
Are you a functional dizzy? Can u function with it go out etc without feeling too hideous?
For three months sept to start of dec I was so ill with a relapse I could not go out really at all symptoms were horrendous thankfully I’m over the worst of that and relieved.
Also acceptance for me it’s hard to be positive especially if housebound like I was for months I’ve had this condition three years I’ve accepted it now I try not to fight it I’m happy I can function in society again to some degree. I get down still it’s not fair but who are we to decide what’s fair or not this is the life we got given and we have to try and make the best of it have a moan a cry sometimes and give out to people close to you. I’ve not had a day without symptoms in three years now but I’m still here and tomorrow is another day:)

Treat each day as a new day, ok so you may of had a bad day, but tomorrow could be good, so wake up feeling positive.

Keep a daily diary - write in it the food you eat (not to great extent), and how you felt, or mark each day out of 10 - this is the only way i have kept track of how i felt, that i can have good days and bad days etc - its really helped me (memory is pretty shot!!)

Have some CBT, one to one if you can afford it. At least check out a good book on CBT if not.

Dont always spend time talking about it, focussing on it, going on the forum etc - take your mind of it, do different things.

Accept its for life, but that it can, and will be managed. You might get good and bad days, but i truly believe everyone will be able to manage the condition.

hope that helps