Tips to deal with the daily dizzies?

Hi everyone

I’m just wondering if anyone has any tips to deal with daily dizziness?

At the moment I’m going through a really rough patch and my daily dizziness is at an all time high. Im finding that as soon as a wake up not only do I obviously feel it but I’m stressing about it and feel anxious. I’m constantly assessing how it is ( better, worse etc… Worrying when it gets worse.)

I think the emotional battle is part of the path to wellness with this thing. Obviously finding the right meds and lifestyle is absolutely number one but I’m keen to hear how you all emotionally manage the day to day dizziness. How do you keep pushing on? I feel like my whole life is about this dizziness at the moment! Even all my conversations with my husband etc. I need to turn it around. Any positive coping strategies would be great!:slight_smile:

Thank you x

Distraction, distraction, distraction. I know it’s really hard but you just have to try and divert your mind to something else when you start obsessing on your symptoms.

Maybe try an elastic band around your wrist and snap it every time you start your worry/anxiety loop, and then force yourself to think about / do something else. I did this when I had bad eczema and was in the same loop and it did help me retrain myself.

Try learning meditation, or do exercise. It’s REALLY hard to do this when you are dizzy, but exercise has been a real boon for me in coping day to day

None of these things are quick fixes, but all really worth trying until you can find something that works for you to help you cope - the stress and anxiety feed of each other and can also really lower your threshold to the point that the meds have less chance of helping. Its a drag but the lifestyle stuff really is important for most of us

I agree with distraction. It’s hard especially when you are really tired.
Sometimes I just say to myself there is nothing wrong with you and try to forget all about it.

As for exercise I’m not quite there yet, but I think it’s important yes.
Currently doing some yoga WII.

Nicole, I find it near impossible to block out the dizziness when it is bad. I know when I was relapsing that it was all I could think about every second of the day and all I wanted to talk about. It forces you to do this because you are so aware of how you feel all the time. However I find that as things improve then naturally other thoughts and activities automatically creep back in and it is much easier to distract yourself and relax. If topamax is making you feel bad then just take comfort that this will wear off or if it doesn’t you will come off it and go back to baseline and then hopefully find a better med for you! xx