Titrating off Lyrica advice

Hi Guys,

I’ve decided to ditch this medication as I have felt awful for the past few weeks having hit max dose.

If anyone else has come off it I would appreciate your advice. I am currently on 300mg per day. I was going to drop by 50 every week, but if i can come off it sooner all the better.

I have heard a few horror stories having googled the withdrawal effects so hope thats not the case!

p.s. Dr S is currently away so no chance to get hold of him and I am feeling in the pits at the mo. Even getting an employee relation member to have a meeting about possibilities of moving back to the UK and / or how the company can support me in dealing with this crap

I read you are meant to come down slowly to avoid nasty effects. 300mg per day is quite a low dose but then as you say it is not helping you so it doesn’t sound like it is the right med for you. Do you have any preferences of a med to try next? x

Richy do you know what dates Dr S is away or when he returns?