I was just prescribed Tizanidine as a preventative for VM by my neurologist. Pretty sure she doesn’t know much about VM and after reading the main side effects of this muscle relaxer (dizziness, unsteadiness, lethargy) I’m kind of nervous to take it. Just wondering if any of you take it with success as a preventative. I know everyone is different just looking for opinions of fellow VM’ers!

Hi! I take this as a muscle relaxer but I don’t know that it’s done anything for my vestibular migraine directly. But it does relax the muscles in my neck and that tenseness contributes to my migraines/ dizziness. I take it at night. What is your dose? I only take 2 mg which is one pill, I think the smallest dose

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Thanks for the reply! I actually didn’t continue taking it as it didn’t help me unfortunately! Glad it helps you some though :blush: