Anyone have this on top of MAV? I have always had ear symptoms like fullness but when I started Nortriptyline it seemed to “pop” my ear a little. I only have problems with the left, but the past couple days Im getting pain inside of my ear, sort of feels like its throbbing, and my left side of jaw feels sore. I looked up TMJ symptoms and it seems likely thats what it is. I have braces on, and I know that is changing my mouth structure, I also grind my teeth at night, and know that could cause TMJ. Anything I could do for the pain? I plan to buy a mouth guard, but not sure if that will help my ear pain at all?

Yes, I do. Braces could be causing your soreness, but if you are grinding your teeth, that is the likely cause. I would not go buy a mouth guard; since you already have an orthodontist, talk to him about the grinding. He can suggest something better than an over-the-counter mouth guard or even make a special piece for you. I had to get a special mouth guard made when my TMJ started and I wear it now every night and will likely forever, as it actually triggered all my migraine-vertigo issues (although I was already susceptable to it to begin with). So in order for you to get relief and keep the pain from worsening (and believe me, you will know when it gets bad!), you need to talk to your ortho-doc. Will it help your ear pain? Well in my case, my ears still do pop and feel full, but I don’t have pain there.

Good luck, Bonnie

Yep - I have really, really bad TMJ. I have a tiny jaw so had several (four, maybe six not including wisdom) teeth removed as a child and two sets of braces - the first being the medieval one where my parents had to turn the screw twice a day to pull my teeth apart. Ouch! Even so, around age 17 I started getting lots of popping/clicking in my ears and very bad jaw and face pain. So ever since then I’ve had splints and will need to the rest of my life, or possibly even surgery.

You MUST have your splint custom made, by the ortho, not something OTC. The custom made splint will reposition your jaw during the night to where it should be. This will help to relieve the pressure and therefore the pain and popping. An OTC guard will only protect your teeth from any grinding you do - nothing else.

You could also try osteopathy - I have found it can relieve symptoms for up to a few weeks after a session. It is very painful while they do it (they put their hand in your mouth) but the relief afterwards is worth it. I thought it might be mumbo jumbo but two different and very experienced TMJ orthos/dentists gave it the thumbs up.

Good luck!


My jaw pops all of the time, but I’ve never really looked into a possibility of TMJ! How do you manage TMJ??

i grind my teeth too have for yrs, i was thinking about a guard but only through dentist not otc they can make it worse from what i know. Not sure about TMJ?? My neuro said ear pain(mines deep almost near my throat) was common with vestibular migraine and didnt think much of it. ive never had tinitus before i got ngstamus and vertigo…but its not as loud as it first was

Thanks everyone. I will ask my ortho about having a mouth guard made. My next appt is in a couple weeks. I also have a tiny jaw, and had 4 teeth pulled(2 top, 2 bottom) before my braces were put on, my ortho did say how tiny my jaw was but said he doesnt think it should be a problem…but maybe it is. My ear pain also feels very deep almost near my throat too, but my left side of jaw is achey, which is the same side that I have my “bad” ear. Could be a coincidence I guess.